BO3 Triple Play Contract

Slay your way to perks and wins. 

BO3 Triple Play Contract

Slay your way to perks and wins. 

Triple Play Contract


The Black Market has a Special Contract this week – The Triple Play. If you’re down for the games, the contract gives all who complete it – 10 Rare Supply Drops, 1 Ranged Weapon Bribe, and 1 Melee Weapon Bribe. Unless you’re the Black Market weapons king or queen and own all the weapons, the best part about bribes – no dupes. The Triple Play rewards can be gained twice – once in the Black Market for 2500 CP and once by earning 100 wins in any game mode to complete the contract. Once the contract is activated, you have unlimited time to complete your 100 wins. 100 wins is no small feat, so we thought we’d offer up some ideas to get you those rewards a little bit quicker…

Get the Party Started

When you are working towards a contract, it’s not worth it to lose games that you play well. Instead of playing online with strangers, get a party going. Play the game with people you know and work towards The Triple Play together. You may not win every game, but it will definitely be more fun that way. 


Find Your Game Mode

Making your way to 100 wins will take some time, but certain game modes might run quicker than usual. Objective-based games like Uplink and Capture the Flag have shorter gameplay times. Shorter gameplay times makes for more games, which makes for more opportunities to win and a faster path to 100. Team Deathmatch can be fairly quick too, especially if you party it up. Also, check out Free-For-All because in this mode if you make it to the winner’s circle (top 3) the game is counted as a win, making it one of the best solo options to earn your way to The Triple Play. Overall, make sure the game mode matches your playstyle. If you like objectives head to Uplink or CTF, if you want constant action play FFA, or if teammates mean the most, TDM is your best bet.

Perk Up

While you’re slaying your way to The Triple Play, you should consider how you’re managing your perks to get there. The goal is to get wins, and to get wins as fast as you can. If you want to dominate with big weapons, check out Overclock and Ante Up. These two perks will give you a boost to both your Specialist meter and Scorestreaks, so you can increase your odds of claiming victory faster. If you like racking up quick and dirty kills, try Fast Hands and Gung-Ho to fire off shots in an effort to try and get kills quicker.  Or if you want to be a master of stealth, try equipping Ghost, Sixth Sense, and Blast Suppressor to quietly demolish your enemy.


For the Team

When playing online, even in Team Deathmatch, sometimes it’s very much a solo game. If you want The Triple Play, play for the team. Choose Scorestreaks that help everyone like UAV, Guardian, Sentry, H.A.T.R., R.A.P.S, and Mothership. If you have a Care Package, share it. If someone is losing a firefight, get the assist and help them. If someone is close to hitting a major Scorestreak, protect them so they get there. Because if your team wins, you win.

Claiming the Triple Play

When you finally reach the coveted 100 wins, open your bribes last. Use all your Cryptokeys to open supply drops, and open the 10 rare supply drops first. It’s possible to get an awesome weapon from just the supply drops, so give it a chance. It would hurt to win a Galil from a bribe, and get a second Galil from a supply drop (since the drops allow dupes). Open The Triple Play (after using your Cryptokeys on regular supply drops) in this order: 10 Rare Supply Drops, Melee Weapon Bribe, Ranged Weapon Bribe. The bribes are a guaranteed weapon without duplicates, so save the best for last.


Now that you’re ready to start the journey to 100 wins, head on over to the Black Market and activate The Triple Play contract. The contract must be activated before November 29 at 10 am PDT, and afterwards you have unlimited time to complete. Get to work! 

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