New Black Ops Pass Maps and Zombies Experience

Zombies have taken over Black Ops Pass in the latest Multiplayer maps and all-new Aether experience “Alpha Omega”.

by Call of Duty Staff on July 10, 2019

Operation Apocalypse Z is here and Black Ops Pass members should rejoice! There are three new awesome maps—Der Schatten, Remnant, and Havana—to spend your Multiplayer time in, as well as a new Zombies experience featuring a large cast of fan-favorite characters from the Aether timeline.

New Multiplayer Maps

Der Schatten

Located near the Zombies experience “Der Eisendrache”, players enter a time portal to the 115 filled Multiplayer map, Der Schatten. Get ready to explore this quaint town that almost feels cozy, except for the blown-out walls and occasional zombie that tell a very different story.


The swamps of Louisiana are mysterious and foreboding on a good day. In Remnant, visit the Museum of Unnatural History as it experiences the aftermath of purchasing a unique relic that still thirsts for blood. Explore ten plus years of Zombies heritage in this lore-filled museum (with a secret or two) that shows what happens when an ancient evil is unleashed in the bayou.


Set in Cuba, this Black Ops map flashback highlights the Cold War tensions between the US and Cuba. An ideological war is raging and the signs of it are all over the city. The traditional Spanish housing is littered with graffiti, while signs of rebellion mar the streets.

New Zombies Experience

Alpha Omega
The Ulitimis and Primis crew are back, together, in an all new epic experience. The Aether story continues at Nuketown’s Broken Arrow facility where players can discover secrets above and below ground. Fight to survive the zombies and other new enemies, as well as unlock the mysteries hidden in the beginning and the end.

With all these maps and a new Zombies experience there’s something for everyone. If you want more Black Ops content like new maps, Zombies, and Blackout characters, then expand your Black Ops 4 experience with a Black Ops Pass.