It’s That Time o’ Year: Shamrock & Awe Is Here

New modes, leprechauns, pots o’ gold and much, much more!

It’s That Time o’ Year: Shamrock & Awe Is Here

New modes, leprechauns, pots o’ gold and much, much more!

Shamrock & Awe is live! This limited-time event kicks off with two free gifts for everybody who logs in: a themed gesture and calling card. These Shamrock-themed items are just the beginning. Read on for all the details of everything new coming for this Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 event.


The latest Blackout update brings spring colors throughout the map. Dynamic green grass and bright-colored, regional blooms remind us all that warmer months aren’t too far away as we furiously scavenge for a weapon. The early morning sunrise now casts long shadows for a bit of extra, natural intel. You’ll have the chance to traverse this scenic-but-deadly terrain in Blackout’s newest mode: Hardcore.

Hardcore Blackout tests your tactics in new and exciting ways. There’s no heads-up display – so you’ll have very limited information as you battle to the final collapse. It’s just you, your wits and whatever you can find. This makes for a tense, tactical experience that makes finishing on top all the more rewarding. Not only that, but there’s more new features in Blackout as well:

New weapons – Implement a scorched earth policy when you pick up Firebreak’s flame-throwing Purifier. Plus, keep an eye out for purple-colored Operator Weapons that introduce powerful Operator Mods enhancing the base capabilities of these weapons.

New vehicles – If you enjoyed Hot Pursuit as much as we did, you’ll be happy to know that the Muscle Car and SUV now spawn in regular Blackout matches. Although we enjoyed the features, their special abilities have been removed. No intel-gathering abilities, just the speed of the Muscle Car and the spacious comfort of the SUV.

Shamrock & Awe themed content  -- There are a few extra ways to earn rewards during this event. First, look for pots o’ gold scattered throughout the Blackout map for a nice bounty. Not only that, the Homunculus is also dressed for the occasion. The Homunculus Leprechaun drops rewards, so find him and take him out before your enemies. Lastly, take a closer look at the eyes of the zombies before you aim… there are special prizes awaiting for those who can unravel this mystery.


New Mode – Stockpile

New to Black Ops 4, Stockpile is an objective game mode where players drop dog tags when they’re killed. Your objective is to collect enemy dog tags and deposit them in a deposit site to score points for your team. Plus, you can defend your objective by collecting the tags of fallen teammates to prevent your opponents from scoring. It’s only around for a limited-time, so scoop up some dog tags and experience the newest mode when you jump into the Stockpile playlist.

Alternate Map - Contraband Hurricane

The remote island battleground of Contraband is in the midst of a nasty hurricane. The best advice would be to stay inside until the storm subsides. But where’s the fun in that?

Contraband Hurricane is the latest Multiplayer arena to experience weather elements. You’ll battle for control of the bridge, flank through lush vegetation and submerge under water to escape a gunfight just like normal. However, you’ll now be braving the elements – driving rains and heavy winds – of a tropical storm.


Keep a “green eye” out to unlock the secrets that Shamrock & Awe brings to Zombies. Plus, check out the Homunculus’ new Leprechaun look.

If that's not enough, stop by and see Blackjack for a special, St. Patrick’s Day bundle with 10 crates and three limited-time Shamrock & Awe themed items. It's all live now and won’t be around very long. So, get in there and unlock your free rewards, chase down a pot o’ gold, listen for the Homunculus Leprechaun’s siren song and have some fun!