WANTED: The Weapons of Operation Grand Heist

Co-conspirators: A lethal Coin Bag, a folding SMG, a full-auto Shotgun and more.

by Call of Duty Staff on February 19, 2019

Get ready to be blown away. Operation Grand Heist just dropped with the most unique lineup of weapons yet, packing a slew of ingenious new guns, melees and Mastercrafts – perfect for cracking safes and skulls alike.

And with more updates in the game than ever before – including new Blackout destinations, the addition of League Play and the return of hawk-eyed Specialist Outrider – this dangerous roster of tools is locked, loaded and ready to see some action.

'Cha-Ching!' Money Bag – Treat the enemy to a hearty wallop from this lethal melee sack, which offers up a one-hit-kill on contact so you can make it rain destruction.

'Rampage' Shotgun – Let this full-auto Shotgun go to work for you. With a devastating blast at close ranges, the Rampage is soon to be famous for its quick rechambering and high ADS speed. Great in an ambush and perfect for crowd control.

'Switchblade X9' Folding SMG – Sure, the latest submachine gun folds up into a briefcase when not in use, but that’s just to show you mean business. The fast-handling SMG is lightweight and portable, yet excellent muscle to have around.

Operation Grand Heist also offers more Mastercraft weapons than ever before, including the “Zero G” Cordite, the “Enforcer” MOG 12, the "ZX 7000" Auger DMR and the "Kuromaku" KN-57. These gussied-up, thematic versions of your favorite weapons add ferocious flair to your loadout, with visuals that update in-game after 5 and 10 kills.

Gun it to the Black Market now, where this bounty-worthy roster of devious tools is only available in the Operation Grand Heist Contraband stream. Progress through tiers to pick ‘em up and get ready to rain terror from Seaside to Payload and everywhere in between. Just don’t get caught.