Meet Outrider

A drone that scoots and a bow that shoots. Outrider is the real deal.

by Call of Duty Staff on February 19, 2019

The latest addition to the specialist roster represents the finest that Brazil’s Special Forces has to offer. Her call sign: Outrider.

Born Alessandra Castillo, Outrider hails from Rio de Janerio’s Rocinha favela. Her cunning and toughness have served her well as a youth and that’s just as true when she enters a Multiplayer match. Her Special Issue Weaponry – the Sparrow – is a bow that fires explosive-tipped arrows. The longer she draws back the bow, the more lethal the explosion upon impact. Her Special Issue Equipment – the Hawk – is a camera drone that marks enemies for her from above. Deploy it, position it above an area with foes in view, then swap back to your weapon and take care of business.

Outrider is yours once you unlock the first tier of the Operation Grand Heist stream. So, hurry up and unlock the lethal bow and aerial talents of Rio’s finest.