Loud & Fast: The Vehicles of Blackout

Need to get someplace quick?

Loud & Fast: The Vehicles of Blackout

Need to get someplace quick?

In Blackout, sometimes you need to quickly get from one place to another. Maybe you are passing through while looting up, riding away from the danger of a collapsing circle or using a vehicle to get your squad out of danger.  Now, with the arrival of Operation Grand Heist, you’ve got three all-new ways to make it happen.

These new vehicles make their debut in the latest Blackout game mode: Hot Pursuit. Enforce the law of the land by jumping into one of the police vehicles and pursue the enemy. All police vehicles have a built in Sensor Dart and can see enemy occupied Muscle Cars. Or get in the fast lane by riding in a sleek Muscle Car. Players in Muscle Cars can see high-value loot items like Supply Drops and Supply Stashes.

Each of these Hot Pursuit vehicles comes with unique strengths to heighten the chase…. or escape, depending on the side you chose.

Muscle Car
Practical? Eh… maybe. Fast? You'd better believe it. When you absolutely, positively have to zip through Rivertown in the blink of an eye, the Muscle Car is what you’re looking for. Not nearly as armored as other transport options, this one more than makes up for it with style and speed. Top-end speed is great, but it doesn't handle quite as easily. So, make sure you do a few test runs before the real heist.

Tear through the woods, beaches, and country roads of the Blackout map in this bulky, four-door sport utility vehicle. Extra room for all your teammates with more maneuverability and speed than a truck, the SUV offers plenty of what you need in a vehicle.

The high-seas just got a whole lot more firepower. Operation Grand Heist’s nautical addition to Blackout comes with a mounted heavy weapon to suppress enemies from land, air or sea. You’ll lack the Tactical Boat’s maneuverability but having a bit of cover and a mounted weapon more than makes up for that.

Those are the new vehicles you'll see in Hot Pursuit. But, what about in a standard Blackout match? Don't worry. We've got a refresher on the classics. Here's the skinny.

With seats for two, the ATV traverses the varied terrain of the Blackout map efficiently and fast. Be mindful that the open nature of the ATV can make you vulnerable to opponents with a good aim, but the passenger has the mobility to engage with anyone who might cross your path.

Cargo Truck
The Cargo Truck is not the fastest and it’s pretty damn loud, but it’ll get you where you need to go with as many people as you can cram into the back. And with the right aim, it can drive over and eliminate any opponents that get in its way.

Tactical Raft
With room for the entire squad, the Tactical Raft is the fastest way to get across the water. Sometimes the rivers and high seas offer the best, or most adventurous route to your destination and this boat will serve you well. With no walls or roof, consider remaining on the move, as casual seafarers can be easy prey for snipers.

If you need to break through a well defended area, the ARAV - an amply armored, three-seater with a mounted turret - could be just what you need. Your entire squad won’t fit inside, but that shouldn’t stop you from storming a path to the enemy.

Light Helicopter
Fly through the air like the tactical bird you are in the speedy Light Helicopter. This thing carries three passengers, who can hang off the side with full access to their weapons, while the pilot navigates the chopper. People know you’re above them, but unless they’ve got highlight reel-worthy aim, there isn’t much they can really do about it.

Make use of these options and keep an eye on this page where you'll find the latest intel on any new vehicles that might pop up.