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Get Up on the Best of Operation Absolute Zero

  • BO4

New weapons, outfits, gestures and more.

Get Up on the Best of Operation Absolute Zero

  • BO4

New weapons, outfits, gestures and more.

Start 2019 off right by unlocking some of the best gear that Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4’s second Operation has to offer. Whatever your preference, there's something for you.

New Year. New Weapons.

Meet the Daemon 3XB and the SWAT RFT. The Daemon is a compact SMG that uncorks 3-round bursts in rapid, accurate succession. The SWAT RFT is as reliable as it is well-rounded. With solid marks in damage, range, fire-rate, and accuracy, it's as well-rounded a fully-auto weapon as you’re likely to find.

And, if you’re interested in more up-close combat, unlock a sharp-edged bit of holiday cheer called Secret Santa. This gift-wrapped, stealthy stabber brings the festive joy of the holidays to the heart of your enemies. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Lastly, but certainly not least, upgrade the look of the ABR 223 with the “Fighter Ace” Mastercraft. A lethal tactical rifle, the “Fighter Ace” Mastercraft is a visually stunning ode to the aircraft of a bygone era. Streak across the map like dogfighters of yore and rip burst-rounds into your opponents as they wonder who’s handling that plane-lookin’ gun with such skill.

Looks That Kill
New year, new you. Make 2019 the year of impressive Combat Axe kills and impressive, limited-time threads with any of these excellent-looking outfits.

Recon – "Shogun"
Suited and booted from top to toes, the Shogun matches maroon and gold across this armored outfit. The result is a sweet, Samurai-themed appearance for this visually-pleasing, tactical Specialist.

Firebreak – "Dragon Slayer"
Ironed-up, kitted-out and uncompromising, the Dragon Slayer looks every bit the part of beast killer. Silver with gold accents, this one’s about as intimidating as it gets.

Battery – "Queens Guard"
Equal parts silver and gold, Battery’s extremely, armored-up outfit makes the term ‘battle hardened’ seem insufficient. Not all heroes wear capes, but Battery’s cape is red. And, damn, does she look heroic.

2019 is your year. Take the initiative and unleash the fury with the latest and greatest gear of Operation Absolute Zero. It won’t be around forever, so make good on those New Year’s goals and get after it.

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