New Specialist: Zero

Meet your new Specialist.

by Call of Duty Staff on December 11, 2018

Leni Vogel, call sign “Zero”, is a self-schooled digital security maven with a penchant for secrecy and crippling, large-scale hacks. Never one to favor sides, she aims to disrupt existing systems and leave sewn chaos in her digital wake. Her skills put her in great demand by governments and criminals alike and, with her particular skillset, it’s easy to see why.

Zero packs an ‘Icepick’ in her Special Issue Weapon slot. Much like an icepick that “disrupts” a block of ice, this hacking device allows you to disable enemies AND steal or destroy their equipment with precision and efficiency. See a Sensor Dart pinging you and your teammates above? Bring up the Icepick screen, hack it and make that sensor work for your team instead. 

Not to be outdone, Zero’s Special Issue Equipment, the Disruptor, is an EMP grenade that does a number on enemy tech. It doesn’t just disrupt enemy equipment but their HUDs as well. Crippling enemy abilities and equipment suits Zero’s needs, and her teammates’, quite nicely. If you’re looking far and wide for ballistics to go with Zero’s abilities, we’ve got a trio of new weapons waiting for you.