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Alcatraz Tips 'n Tricks

  • BO4

New Map. New Strategies.

Alcatraz Tips 'n Tricks

  • BO4

New Map. New Strategies.

A new Blackout experience, Alcatraz, is available on April 2, first on PS4, with other platforms to follow. Alcatraz is a lot smaller than the core Blackout map. The objective is the same, but how you get there can look a lot different. Before you drop in to Alcatraz, we’ve got some tips and tricks for you to consider on your way to the final collapse.

Dropping In

In the core Blackout experience, players deploy into the map from a helicopter – on Alcatraz however, players deploy from a portal. With significantly less ground to cover, you can reach all points on the island from the portal. Your team deploys together from the same portal, so it’s easy to find one another during the descent. When you are ejected from the portal, you immediately have speed – there’s no need to try and gain momentum in a free fall. Mark your destination in the pre-game lobby, and immediately head there after you’ve been ejected. It feels different at first, but after a few games you should be dropping in like a pro.

Looting Up

Looting in Alcatraz is no different than any other Blackout match. With gameplay space limited to the island, looting can be a bit chaotic and risky. When picking up items from stashes, ensure the area is clear before you get too involved in selecting items for your backpack. You can choose to coordinate with teammates to watch your back or perform a clean sweep of your surroundings before looting up. The Alcatraz map has a lot of verticality, and the tops of buildings or towers . So, be sure to look around you, above you, and below you before looting up, particularly when taking gear from fallen enemies.

Wall Weapons

There’s a new way to find weapons in Alcatraz that Zombies players will be familiar with: Wall Weapons. For those unfamiliar with the Zombies experience, Wall Weapons are found on the walls in fixed places in Alcatraz. If a player takes a Wall Weapon, the Wall Weapon location will replenish after a set amount of time. So, with a little patience your entire squad can loot up from one Wall Weapon spot. Wall Weapons are expected to be popular locations and may be well-guarded as a result. If you and your teammates plan to loot a Wall Weapon location, do so at your own peril!

Inside Gameplay

Although it’s a small island, Alcatraz has numerous structures that offer varied combat types. Head indoors if you like close quarters combat, dark interiors, and intense verticality. The Cellhouse at the center of the island is a good example of an interior destination that offers close-knit chaotic firefights. Consider equipping the Dead Silence or the Skulker perk to get the drop on enemies. For equipment, consider the Mesh Mines, Razor Wire, and Barricades. These are great for blocking lanes and protecting your team from a potential onslaught of enemy players. Shotguns are always helpful for close quarters combat but chose the weapon that fits your playstyle and do your best to be prepared for whatever comes your way.

Outside Gameplay

While playing outside, you will be more exposed. However, there are benefits to playing outdoors. If you can get to the top of a building, you’ll be in a strategic position to eliminate players attempting to travel between houses, or those gearing up from ample looting locations like the Docks or Parade Grounds. When outside, be mindful that there will most likely be players above and below you. The lighthouse at Warden’s House is taller than most buildings, so while you are shooting at enemies below you, you could be getting attacked by other players at other elevated locations across the map. The important things to consider when outside on Alcatraz is to use cover strategically to win firefights and try to take advantage of the clear visibility to identify and eliminate enemies.

Team Play & Communication

If you prefer playing as the lone wolf on a team, consider using tactical approaches and picking up a lot of equipment to help you take down enemies. For those of you who want to coordinate with your team, a good strategy can go a long way on Alcatraz. Do you want to choose a destination and defend it? Strategically communicate to sweep areas, eliminating enemies along the way? Rely on communication during chaotic firefights to best your opponents? There are many strategies, but one thing that is consistent – you have to talk to your teammates. If you want to play a team game, you have to play together. So, grab a mic and start chatting.

One final tip before your drop into Alcatraz: Because of the multiple pathways and winding stairs throughout the island, you’ll need to be extra careful of the collapse. If you like to play the edge, that could be a dangerous strategy as the fastest route from A to B in Alcatraz is almost never a straight line.

For more intel on Alcatraz, check out our Alcatraz map guide blog to read up on the destinations of the newest Blackout map. Alcatraz is live on PS4 on April 2, with other platforms to follow. So, ready up, drop in, and experience Alcatraz. Have fun!


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