Share DLC 4 Maps When You Party Up*

Fighting a war from the shadows demands a squad.

by Call of Duty Staff on August 21, 2018

While it’s important to be comfortable by yourself and there’s no shame in having some “me time,” it’s equally crucial to be sociable with the people that matter in your gaming life: squad mates.

Now Season Pass owners have another reason to Party Up: everybody in your Party gets access to DLC 4 Multiplayer Maps for the duration of the party. Yes, you read that correctly. If the leader of your Party is a Season Pass owner, everybody in the Party gets to experience the MP maps of Airship, Excavation and Chancellery.

Show your friends some love and spread the Season Pass around a little bit. Here’s how you do it.


Cue the Party Up function. Not sure how? All you have to do is tab over to the Social section of the MP main menu. Under ‘Friends’ you’ll see a list of your buddies that are online. Pick the pals most worthy of your alliance and start sending out the invites. Select each friend and hit ‘Invite Player’.


Once you’re in a Party together, you’ll appear side by side in the pre-match lobby, looking like a  squad. Where you decide to deal your damage is up to you, but it’d be worth your while to focus on objective-based modes like Hardpoint, Search and Destroy and Domination. You’d be surprised how much more effective a coordinated attack is versus just running around, blasting away willy-nilly.


For those of you who may not be connected with anyone, no worries. What better way to meet new people than with a little DLC 4-based bribery? Head to HQ and find some new partners in crime to connect with. Send out some friend requests and get in a match together. Chances are they’ll become staples of your Call of Duty® life. When you start getting purely gaming-related "u up?" texts, you know it's real.


So, if you’re a Season Pass owner, go spread that thing around a bit. If you’re not, make nice with someone who is, it’s sharing season. However you make it happen, party up and unleash some coordinated thunder.


*Party Up feature access will end on or before Oct. 28, 2018 and may be discontinued in Activision’s discretion. Season Pass owner must be Party leader to enable feature.