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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Shipment

  • CODM

Gear up for a frenzied firefight as Shipment arrives as a free 5v5 Multiplayer Map in Season 2. Get strategies and tips for thriving in the chaos.

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Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: Shipment

  • CODM

Gear up for a frenzied firefight as Shipment arrives as a free 5v5 Multiplayer Map in Season 2. Get strategies and tips for thriving in the chaos.

  • Informations de carte
  • Saison 2

Appearing for the first time on mobile in its modern iteration from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Shipment joins the map pool as part of Season 2 in Call of Duty: Mobile.

One of the smallest maps in Call of Duty history, Shipment marks the site of countless grudge matches and chaotic Multiplayer sessions. It’s now live and free for everyone as part of the Season 2 content offering, so strap in and prepare for the fight of your life.

Read on for a map overview plus tips for staying alive and taking the win. 

Map Overview

Based on the 2019 iteration from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Shipment pits teams near the main port of Verdansk. The playfield is small and square, hemmed in by chain link fences with a collection of metal storage containers dispersed around the sides and middle.

Shipment is composed of two major sections: the center where two intersecting lanes cross between the stacked middle crates, and the perimeter, a square path with a mix of fully and partially open containers on the sides. Additional cover is provided by some forklifts and barrels extending from the outer corners of the central crates.

There is some verticality allowing players to mantle on top of containers, but the larger portion of your fights will take place on the ground. Watch those corners, keep an eye toward the center, and protect your flank whenever you pass an open crate. Danger lurks in every corner.

Tips and Tactics

The first step to mastering Shipment is in always anticipating the next attack. Check your mini-map — make it fast — to see where your teammates are positioned compared to exposed enemies. It’ll change constantly throughout the match, but from moment to moment it will help you determine where to focus your attention.

Keep your sights up and utilize every cover point. Even when running and gunning, avoid sprinting. With enemies at every corner, you need to be ready to fire the moment someone comes into view. Find the balance between attacking and retreating to cover when the enemy is pushing and you’ll find yourself on the winning side of more fights.

And don’t limit yourself to short-range weapons. While SMGs and shotguns certainly pack a punch in these tight corners, there’s plenty of room on the outside for assault rifles, LMGs, and even snipers with fast fingers. As your map awareness improves, so will your ability to keep up the pressure, no matter your loadout.

Scorestreak Field Guide

Scorestreaks add a whole other layer of mayhem to Shipment. For starters try the Hunter Killer Drone, a low-cost streak that’s perfect for fire-and-forget attacks. Pair it with the UAV to pinpoint clustered enemies and go for the multi-kill.

Set in an outer corner, the Sentry Gun can do work down the lanes, a great asset in covering key points in objective modes — it’s best used to help defend your current position, where you can somewhat protect it from being disabled. Deploy the Trophy System when placing it for added defense.

Air-to-ground attacks can inflict a lot of damage. Mark the center and watch the killfeed explode. In Domination, call in the Cluster Strike or the new Napalm to block out B from enemy possession.

If you’re a confident slayer, the MQ-27 Dragonfire and the Stealth Chopper can be absolutely devastating. With so much action occurring on the ground, your enemies will hardly have the chance to defend themselves against attacks from above. 

Objective Play

In Domination, don’t be too precious about which flags you’re holding. Just make sure you’ve got at least two. Don’t be shy about switching your loadout to meet the current need, whether that’s throwing yourself at B with a shotgun to help capture the last sliver or hanging back in A with an assault rifle, fighting off attackers trying to break your hold.

Watch those grenades on Hardpoint. Here it’s even more important to be aware of your team’s positioning as enemies pour in from all sides. Bring a Trophy System or the Smoke Grenade for those times when you desperately need to break the enemy’s vision.

In Kill Confirmed, fight for the big stashes of tags that inevitably pile up after big skirmishes. Even if your chances are slim, it’s often worth the risk for the chance at grabbing several tags at once. Use the open crates to ambush passing players and grab their tags, and don’t hesitate to pick up your fallen teammates’ tags. Use every effort to get ahead. 

10 Tips

10. Keep Moving, Soldier! Holing up under cover won’t net you many kills here. While it’s a good strategy to utilize power positions at opportune times, stay in any one place for too long and you’re bound to soon be outnumbered. Stay light on your feet and keep moving.

9. Disable with the Gas Grenade. If you earned the Gas Grenade in Season 1, this is the perfect chance to put it to more use. Toss it into the center or across the perimeter to momentarily disable enemies. Don’t yet have it? No problem. Purchase it in the Credit Store, using the in-game currency earned free just for playing and completing challenges.

8. Bring Your Mask and Jacket. Getting bombarded by enemy grenades? Keep a loadout with Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask on hand to keep you on your feet. Their combined defenses offer vital protection against all but the fiercest bombardments.

7. Risk the Launcher. Bring out a launcher pronto if the enemy team calls in lethal air support like the Stealth Chopper or the dreaded VTOL. Even if you die a few times in the attempt, it’s worth the lives saved by shutting it down.  

6. Tackle Challenges. Season 2 brings a whole host of new challenges to complete, not to mention all the camo challenges for your favorite weapons. Whatever your goal, Shipment provides plenty of opportunities to finish your tasks.

5. Napalm Incoming. The new Napalm Scorestreak — unlocked for free at Tier 14 in the Season 2 Battle Pass — can inflict some serious damage on Shipment’s confined playfield. Keep it in your sights as you progress through the tiers, and give it a try once you’ve unlocked it.

4. Justified Paranoia. In such constant activity, it’s impossible to keep track of every incoming enemy. Consider using High Alert to be notified of enemies appearing out of view. There’s no better feeling than turning on a confident attacker and landing the kill.

3. Go Vertical. It’s not just what’s in front of you that presents a constant danger here, but what’s above you, too. With smart mantling, it’s possible to cross the map without touching the ground. Keep an eye out for climbers and try it yourself to catch the enemy off their guard.

2. Get Creative with Gunsmith. Pair large magazines and hip-fire attachments for suppressive fire on the move, make snappy weapons with rapid handling speeds, or try a high-damage pistol outfitted for maximum mobility. Get creative and get slaying.

1. Enjoy the Ride. You will have bad games and good games, horrible matches where your deaths are double your kills and great soaring matches where every fight ends in your favor. Whatever the result, have fun while doing it.

See you online.

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