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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Mode Spotlight: Die Hardpoint

  • BOCW

Fight for the Hardpoint and against the clock in this explosive twist on a fan-favorite. Get tips and tricks to keep the timer above zero… or pay the price.

  • Mode Recon

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War Mode Spotlight: Die Hardpoint

  • BOCW

Fight for the Hardpoint and against the clock in this explosive twist on a fan-favorite. Get tips and tricks to keep the timer above zero… or pay the price.

  • Mode Recon

Season Three Reloaded is here, and the ’80s Action Heroes event has exploded onto the scene. As part of the festivities, we’re introducing Die Hardpoint, a brand-new limited-time Multiplayer mode for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

In this pulse-pounding mix of Hardpoint and Cranked, players must battle for the hill (and their lives) against the ticking Cranked Timer. Read on for the rules and for tips on how to keep that timer going.

Die Hardpoint: The Basics

Similar to standard Hardpoint, both teams compete to reach the score limit of 200 or earn the most points before the match timer expires by capturing and occupying the Hardpoint, which rotates to different locations throughout the match. However, the Hardpoint rotation in Die Hardpoint occurs every 30 seconds instead of the default 60 seconds to make sure everyone stays on their toes, as the Hardpoint rotates twice as often as usual.

In this cranked-up twist, the match timer isn’t the only clock you’re fighting against. Take out an enemy Operator or capture the Hardpoint and watch the Cranked Timer start counting down on your HUD. You’ll have 30 seconds to get another kill, extending the timer by 15 seconds, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. You can also pause the Cranked Timer and set it to the maximum time of 30 seconds by staying on the Hardpoint.

When the Cranked Timer first begins, whether by taking out an Operator or capturing a Hardpoint, you’ll be given the first of five possible buffs, starting with a buff to your movement speed. Keep getting eliminations to become faster and more deadly, moving on to improved weapon handling speeds, improved ADS speed, improved slide speed and distance, and, finally, a larger explosion on death, unlocked only after achieving a Bloodthirsty medal.

That’s right, the moment your Cranked Timer hits zero — kaboom! So make sure you’re up nice and close to your enemies when that happens. The first team to reach the score limit or the team with the highest score when the timer expires wins.

Top 5 Tips

5. Fight for the Best Buffs. Capturing a Hardpoint will earn you the movement speed buff, but to obtain the next four buffs — improved weapon handling, improved ADS speed, improved slide speed, and a larger explosion on death — you have to eliminate enemy Operators. Get out there and fight.

4. Don’t Lose Your Head. Even though the Cranked Timer comes with buffs, it can still cause a bit of panic. Try to keep a cool head, as you can get a lot done in 30 seconds. Run around in a frenzy and you’ll likely fall before the countdown becomes a problem.

3. Bulk Up with Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask. You can be sure that players will use every tool available to eliminate enemies before their Cranked Timer runs dry. When the grenades start flying, consider the Law Breaker Wildcard to pick both Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask from the Perk 1 slot.

2. Incoming! Once you’ve racked up 5 kills while Cranked, you’ll receive a buff to your death explosion and become a walking time bomb. Use this to your advantage when your team can’t seem to break an enemy Hardpoint. Rush right in, and fight tooth and nail. If you don’t make it out alive, there’s a good chance that you’ll take down a few enemies with you. But be warned, enemies will hear your impending explosion coming, as you’ll emit a ticking bomb sound while your death explosion is buffed.

1. Get that Intel. There’s nothing worse than earning several buffs only to have them go to waste because you can’t find an enemy in time. Help your team and yourself by picking the Spy Plane Scorestreak for a reliable intel source. Take it a step further with the Counter Spy Plane and a launcher to disrupt the enemy team’s view as much as possible.

Execute the mission.

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