Introducing Zeyna: Drive Your Enemies Into Submission With This Aggressive New Operator

With gasoline in her veins, Zeyna races into the NATO faction as a new Operator. Available now in a featured bundle that includes two Legendary Weapon Blueprints ideal for aggressive fast-paced play.

by Shawn Dwyer on January 21, 2021

The Warsaw Pact is about to be driven out of business once Zeyna joins the fray.

Available now on Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™, Zeyna hits the pedal to the metal as the newest member of the NATO faction with the Zeyna Operator Bundle. The eight-item bundle contains lots of great gear to get you driving toward victory, with none other than Zeyna herself behind the wheel.

Continue reading for a deep dive on this risk-taker, plus details on the awesome content you’ll unlock after purchasing her featured Operator bundle.

Meet Zeyna

Full Name: Zeyna Ossou

Date of Birth: 01/13/1956

Nationality: Senegalese

Faction: NATO

Blood Type: A-

First Language: French

Service: DGSE (Directorate-General for External Security)

A hardcore driving enthusiast, Zeyna is the first person you’d want behind the wheel for a quick getaway. Growing up around vehicles and garages, thanks to her dad being a successful rally driver, Zeyna jokes that if you cut her, she bleeds gasoline.

But be warned: cut her too deep and her aggressive attitude might be unleashed. Her specialization in mobility makes her a force more explosive than the fuel running in her veins.

Former colleagues have described Zeyna as an unnecessary risk-taker, but that’s exactly what you’ll need when you find your squad in a tight spot.

Zeyna enlisted in the Armée de Terre in 1974, where she joined the Régiment du Génie, and in 1978 she was recruited by the French intelligence agency, SDECE, taking part in Operation Caban in 1979.

Her extensive background made her a prime candidate for NATO’s joint operations, including those conducted under the direction of Russel Adler. She, as well as Bulldozer, were hand-selected by Adler to accompany him as he infiltrated The Pines Mall in New Jersey to take down Stitch.

Zeyna is aggressive and unpredictable, as proven by her eight-item Zeyna Operator Bundle. Let’s take a closer look.

Bundle Intel

First up in the bundle is the “Finishing Touch” Epic Blueprint. This sleek and compact switchblade combat knife is the perfect surprise for up-close melee situations. Much like the forceable entry weapon she uses as part the “Big Stick” Finishing Move included in the bundle, it gets the job done.

Next are two Legendary Weapon Blueprints ideal for faster play styles, starting with “The Cleaver,” a powerful LMG that’s certain to cut down enemies with brute force. “The Cleaver” boasts a 14.7” GRU Cut Down Barrel for larger Shooting Move Speed, Patrol Grip for faster sprinting speed, Speed Tape to slightly reduce Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed, and No Stock to greatly reduce the time it takes to fire after sprinting. All of that comes together to deliver an aggressive LMG build for Operators who can strafe while firing and stay on the move around the combat zone.

When she isn’t using “The Cleaver,” Zeyna slices through her enemies with “The Scalpel,” a Legendary SMG Blueprint featuring a 40-Round drum barrel for more ammunition, Infantry Compensator Muzzle to moderate vertical recoil control, and a Foregrip attached to the Underbarrel. “The Scalpel” is rounded out with a Kobra Red Dot and Collapsed Stock for slightly better sprint-to-fire time. It’s a balanced Blueprint built for dissecting close-quarter combat situations with precision, especially when facing multiple enemies at once.

In addition to unlocking Zeyna’s default skin, you will gain access to the “Micro Bully” Weapon Charm, “Bone Crusher” Sticker, and “Scoreboard” Wrist Accessory with digital readout.

Visit the in-game Store now to purchase the Zeyna Operator Bundle and get ready to keep your enemies off-balance with a Legendary weapon set in the hands of this aggressive and unpredictable Operator.

Execute the mission.

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