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Take a Tour of Alcatraz

  • BO4

Discover the destinations on the prison island of Alcatraz.

Take a Tour of Alcatraz

  • BO4

Discover the destinations on the prison island of Alcatraz.

Welcome to Alcatraz! This new Blackout experience features nine marked destinations, and chaotic gameplay for an intense, unique experience. A different Blackout map means new things to discover and unknown destinations to explore. So, before you drop in, read up and get the lay of the land.

Model Industries

Located on the Northern tip of the island above New Industries, Model Industries features a three-story building with an additional basement for multi-level looting opportunities. Get to the roof and scope out enemies at the Powerhouse and be wary of opponents who may be nested in the water tower near Cellhouse. If you choose to stalk enemies at sea-level, walking alongside buildings or jumping into the water can help provide cover.


With the “Alcatraz” painted on the roof, Powerhouse is easy to spot when you drop in. The long multi-level building with a tall smokestack sits across from Model Industries. You can’t reach the top of the smokestack, even with a Grapple Gun. So, if you're looking for high ground, head to the roof. The Powerhouse won’t offer you a vertical advantage compared to other buildings, but it’s ideal for finding and eliminating enemies on the ground.

New Industries

The long two-story building sits on a slope, meaning it’s lower than the surrounding buildings. It’s a looter’s paradise inside, but wide-open interiors can leave you dangerously exposed. The roof has openings, so you can easily drop in from above, but that also means enemies can drop in from above. Although not as spacious as either one, if you like the gameplay of Hydro Dam or Factory, New Industries offers similar opportunities.

Officer's Club

What was once a place of solace now reflects the same dreary aesthetic of the island upon which it stands. The building is small, but you’ll find a nearby electric shop and sally port on the way to the Docks to help get your team geared up and ready for combat. Plus, you can enjoy a ride on the nearby gondola to the centrally located Cellhouse roof.

This prime location at the center of the island will feel very familiar to Zombies players. The multi-level cellhouse contains troves of loot and tight vertical gameplay. It’s a good place to think about shooting a Sensor Dart if you have one. Scale the water tower to spot enemies below. And be wary of the adjacent prison yard, it can be treacherous. Drop in from the roof or enter from the many doors and windows. But once you’re inside, be ready for plenty of action.


This southwest destination has the benefit of being in open space and offers plenty of cover. The actual ruins are an excellent spot for strategic gameplay, and ample cover gives you a fighting chance against enemies at higher elevation. The nearby cliffside holds some loot. But if you're looking for more consider heading to Parade Grounds.

Warden's House

The Warden’s House is a cluster of multilevel buildings you can loot and defend. The house’s primary feature is a towering lighthouse overlooking Cellhouse, Docks and Parade Grounds with sightlines all the way to Model Industries and Powerhouse. Because of its height, the journey to the top of the lighthouse is quite long, so make sure you’ve cleared enemies before you jump on the ladder.


Docks sits on a slope below nearby destinations and features multiple buildings and a prime outdoor area. You’ll find plenty of loot here and enough open space to get yourself into trouble. Feel free to use the water for cover once you have your gear to take out enemies that are looting up on the dock. A Grapple Gun will take you to the top of the buildings, but that might just make you easy prey.

Parade Grounds

The southern most destination on the map, Parade Grounds is littered with tents, small structures, and a few houses. Off the coast there is a small (seriously small) island that can hold high-value loot for those brave enough to try their luck and make the trek. Use the cover provided to help you safely travel through the area and keep an eye out for snipers at the Warden’s House.

With so many marked destinations, you can easily coordinate with teammates on where to drop. If you want a couple of tactics for when you drop in, read our Alcatraz Tips ‘n Tricks blog to help you get a leg up on the competition. Alcatraz is available on April 2 on PS4, with other platforms to follow. Now go drop in and discover all these destinations for yourself. Good luck!


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