The Multiplayer Maps of Black Ops Pass (So Far)

The weekend of March 15, Madagascar, Elevation, Casino and Lockup are for everybody.

The Multiplayer Maps of Black Ops Pass (So Far)

The weekend of March 15, Madagascar, Elevation, Casino and Lockup are for everybody.

This weekend, everybody gets the Black Ops Pass experience. Until March 18 at 10 AM PT, the thin air of ‘Elevation’, the red clay nooks of ‘Madagascar’, glitzy 'Casino' and the gritty, urban environment of 'Lockup' are now available for all players to play. These dynamic Black Ops Pass maps are for everybody to explore, demolish and experience. But, before you take advantage of these new maps and hop into a match, here's a quick overview of each map.


An opulent casino in Monaco is under siege as a crew of elite thieves plan to beat the house, stealing money, secrets…and maybe a car. Jump into Casino, a medium-sized map that offers varied play spaces for diverse combat experiences with a decadent backdrop. 

Try your luck on the outskirts of the casino between the craps and roulette tables where multiple entry points favor guns up and alert gameplay. The outside décor features large roman statues, fountains and staircases that give opportunities to fire on enemies below. Or, visit the exotic botanical gardens to flank an unsuspecting opponent, but be careful not to touch the plants or the snake… 

Expect varied, end-to-end engagements as you traverse around slot machines, dining lounges, and even a kitchen as you work your way to the heart of the Casino. Use the cover of toppled tables or coordinate to lock down the centralized bar to spot and eliminate enemies. The roman-themed Casino offers a luxurious and high-stakes combat experience that caters to different playstyles.


An international crime syndicate has launched a full onslaught upon a Los Angeles police station, intent on destroying evidence and silencing all witnesses. The result is multi-level Multiplayer mayhem in a chaotic, urban backdrop.

The assault is in full swing on the ground level of Lockup. Flank around the police station to find a garage that functions as a tactical stronghold with its operational doors. Or, discover long sightlines as you race through the open spaces of a courtyard, but be mindful of windows and the rooftops above.

Navigate the interior of the police station through the lobby, cafeteria and armory – only one of these offers protection from open skylights that enemies can utilize to rain death from above. Use the stairs, ladders or other objects to rise above the ground assault and take part in the fierce vertical combat and battle for control of the police station rooftops. Lockup’s unique vertical gameplay presents opportunities for strategic, chaotic and tactical combat for an unexpected experience every time your boots hit the ground.


The frenetic action of Black Ops 4 Multiplayer has gone to new heights in Elevation. Discover a remote Nepalese village that is the stage for a dangerous rescue mission after an assault on a military transport helicopter leaves it grounded and its high value contents missing.

Elevation features small buildings and tight corners that force you to be wary of enemies lurking around corners or upper levels of buildings. With its bright colors and littered remains of the failed rescue mission, like a crashed helicopter, Elevation offers a fun and varied combat experience all players can enjoy.


Local warlords have ambushed a convoy of medical supplies en route to this village where an outbreak teeters on the brink of disaster. Welcome to Madagascar.

Madagascar features varied sightlines and lengths of engagement that work well for ARs and Tac Rifles. But the close engagement opportunities of the main village can play well for SMGs and Shotguns. No matter your loadout, Madagascar offers exciting combat and fresh opportunities to discover which weapons work best for a new location.

And, if these four maps weren't enough, you'll also earn Double XP in Multiplayer as you explore these new terrains. So, what are you doing reading a blog post? Get in there and have some fun!

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