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2019 Call of Duty Resolution #1

  • BO4

Start the year off right with this series of goals and aspirations for 2019.

2019 Call of Duty Resolution #1

  • BO4

Start the year off right with this series of goals and aspirations for 2019.

2018 is over. No doubt about it. It’s gone and it’s never gonna be 2018 ever again. That means you’ve got a whole new year to test yourself, improve yourself and show everybody just how impressive you are. 

We’re here to help with a list of New Year’s Resolutions for 2019. We’ll post them throughout the early weeks of the year to provide some inspiration. Let's get into it.

Resolution #1 – Get a Basketball Kill in Blackout

First of all, yes. That Basketball lying around Estates does deal a small amount of damage. So, you can get a Basketball kill in Blackout, but it’s not easy. Out of over 30 million shots attempted with the Basketball, only 4,950 of those shots have resulted in a kill. So, if you are looking to join the elite 0.00016667% who have scored a lethal boink, here’s a few tips to making the dream a reality.

Consider pre-damaging or stunning your enemies. Land multiple shots on target to diminish their health and then square up and shoot to deliver a deadly Basketball blow. Or utilize Concussions, Barricades or Smoke to disorient and immobilize the defense, so you can finish them off with a clutch three. 

Also, don’t forget to utilize your teammates to occupy your opponents' attention. Work together and flank to give them the shot of death and go on to the next one.

Once you cross-up a Quad and drill a step-back on someone's head, move on to our next resolution.  What is it? Keep an eye on the blog for resolution number two.

This blog is #1 in a series. To read the next Call of Duty 2019 resolution, click below.

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