New Operation, New Weapons

Meet the new slayers of Operation Absolute Zero.

New Operation, New Weapons

Meet the new slayers of Operation Absolute Zero.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4’s Operation Absolute Zero begins December 11th, first on PlayStation 4. This second season of content introduces a new Specialist to the lineup, along with tons of gameplay and customization items.

Operation Absolute Zero revamps the Black Market with tons of new items available for all players to unlock throughout the season, including new weapons, Blackout characters, epic outfits, a Mastercraft and more. Plus, a limited-time holiday Special Event stream kicks off on December 13, first on PlayStation 4, offering festive customization items to don on your character. ‘Tis the season!

Notably, a few new weapons join the Black Ops 4 lineup: the SWAT RFT is a well-rounded assault rifle that deals reliable damage and never lets you down in a fight, and the Daemon 3XB is a fast burst-firing SMG to take down enemies in quick succession. You can also take a festive stab at the opposition with the Secret Santa melee weapon. If you’re looking for new Blackout characters, you can’t go wrong dropping into those zombie-infested hot spots with the Original slayers of the undead, Ultimis Nikolai and Dempsey.

Step into battle ready to freeze out the competition with new weapons, characters, a Mastercraft, epic outfits and more.

Operation Absolute Zero is live now on PlayStation 4 packed to the brim with festive winter cheer to close out 2018 and propel us into the new year. Bundle up and dive into the cool, digitized warfare of OperationAbsolute Zero.

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