Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: King

Take the throne and rule over your enemies in King from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available to play on October 22 in 2v2 Gunfight and 1v1 Duel.

Call of Duty®: Mobile Map Snapshot: King

Take the throne and rule over your enemies in King from Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®, available to play on October 22 in 2v2 Gunfight and 1v1 Duel.

The King of Gunfight maps is here and it’s time to prove your right to rule. This iconic Gunfight map helped launch the mode in Modern Warfare and is now live in celebration of the one-year anniversary of Call of Duty: Mobile!

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King supports both 2v2 Gunfight and 1v1 Duel. Let’s review the modes and then discuss strategies and tips for mastering the map.

Rules of Engagement – Gunfight and Duel

If it’s your first time playing Gunfight or Duel, here are the basics. If you’re already a seasoned veteran, here’s a quick refresher.

Gunfight – 2v2

The first team to win six rounds wins the match. Win the round by eliminating the enemy team or by capturing the overtime flag. Each round lasts 40 seconds. Overtime lasts for 10 seconds. Everyone uses the same randomly generated loadout, which changes every two rounds. Scorestreaks, Operator Skills, and health regeneration are disabled.

Duel – 1v1

The ultimate means of settling a dispute. 1v1 is a best of three matchup, with each round going to the first player to get seven kills. Players choose their loadouts for the first round, but in each successive round the loser of the previous round chooses the weapon class to be used by both players in the next one. Scorestreaks and Operator Skills are disabled. Health regeneration is active.

Map Overview

King is a symmetrical map built on a level floor featuring a raised central platform and covered (containers) on either side. A few obstacles provide cover in the open, and each spawn sports two perches players can climb up to for long shots down the sides. Three walkways cut horizontally through the raised center and a multitude of entries and exits adorn the side routes.

The design is deceptively simple, as players can very quickly move from one side of the map to the other, and up and around the center platform. The kills come fast in some rounds, as players move up to directly engage the opposing team, while in others you may find yourself in a chase, wondering whether the enemy is above, below, or under cover of one of the side containers. Keep your senses sharp and find the mark — turn the hunter to the hunted.


As with other small maps, it’s helpful to pan your opening move in each round. If you’re playing Gunfight, make your decision fast and use the mic to let your teammate know your plan. Here are few of the most common opening moves:

Move directly to engage. Either move up to the crates on the side or hop onto the shooting ledge in your spawn, a favorite tactic when long-range weapons are being used. In this opening, you’re hoping to spot the enemy in the first few seconds of the match, ready to engage them from behind cover. Get moving if you don’t spot anyone early on — otherwise you risk becoming a sitting duck to their flank attack.

You can also sprint straight up the central platform and toward the enemy spawn, in attempt to use the height advantage to get an early kill. Just be mindful when you cross the middle of the platform, your view is obstructed. Be ready to engage with an enemy player doing the same, who you’ll often not see until you’re right up next to each other.

Another opening move is the container rush. Pick a side and race down in the opening seconds, then pop out at their spawn and get to work. Like with the center platform, there’s a chance you’ll meet an enemy player doing the same halfway through the container, so be prepared to respond in a flash. Regardless of the tactics you use, switch it up from round to round. Predicable tactics can spell a quick end to your run.

Top 5 Tips

5. Stick and Move. King’s layout makes it easy to move from side to side throughout the map, whether you’re cutting through a middle passage, a side tunnel, or up and over the central platform. While you don’t want to run around like a headless chicken, you also shouldn’t stay stubbornly still or you risk being flanked. Pick a spot, scan for enemy movement, and then move on. 

4. Gunfight Overtime. When you get in a situation where you just can’t find the enemy and you don’t want to needlessly expose your position, move to the middle underpass where the Overtime flag appears. Just be aware that enemy players may be watching the area, so tread carefully.

3. Headphones for Dueling. In 1v1 there will be more situations where you and the enemy take different opening moves so that you end up in a game of cat and mouse. Use headphones — or turn up the volume — so that you’re better prepared to hear them closing in on your position, giving you a vital opening to respond.

2. Weapons Master. Be ready to engage no matter the weapon class provided. We all have our favorite setups, whether it’s guns blazing SMGs or the more tactical and precise sniper rifle, but winning the round means using what you’ve got. If you keep getting knocked out in rounds with a weapon class you’re not practiced in, make a loadout for it and practice in other Multiplayer modes. The next time you load up Gunfight or Duel, you’ll be ready for anything.

1. Shoot from the Hip. Precision is preferred, but sometimes you need to get the job done quick and dirty. In those situations where you turn the corner and find yourself face to face with the enemy, hip-fire and strafe to make yourself a harder target as you pelt the enemy and take the round.

Prepare to mobilize, gunfighter.


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