How Far Will You Go? How Far Will You Go?

Where Do You Draw The Line?
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  • Would you risk permanent paralysis to run faster?

  • Would you never see your family again to save 1 person?

  • Would you never see your family again to save 100 people?

  • Would you never see your family again to save 1,000 people?

  • Would you never see your family again to save 10,000 people?

  • Would you cut out your lungs if it meant you could breathe underwater?

  • Would you sacrifice one life to protect your country?

  • Would you let the government tamper with your DNA if it made you more powerful?

  • Would you undergo extreme surgery to be better at your job?

  • Would you break your moral code to save a life?

  • Would you surgically swap out your eyes to see five times farther?

  • Would you erase your most precious memories to become smarter?

  • Would you sacrifice everything that makes you "you" to become more physically abled?

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  • Extreme
  • Moderate
  • Moderate
  • Extreme
  • Anti-modification
  • Neutral
  • Pro-modification

You'd stop at nothing

Everything you do, you do to become better. No matter what the cost. You’re not in it for glory or for the greater good. The ones like you are the ones who push humanity further.

You Are In the Middle Ground

YOU’RE FOOLING YOURSELf. You’re not sure where you stand. And that’s a dangerous game. Because when it comes to choices, nobody can be neutral. Indecision eliminates progress. Commit.

You Are Anti-Modification

YOU’RE AN OBSTACLE FOR EVOLUTION. The future doesn’t count on you. You’d betray anyone in order to save yourself. You hide behind questions about what’s right or wrong and morality. People like you hold humanity back from becoming something.

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