What You Get When You Level Up In Black Ops 4

Rise up the ranks. Unlock new gear.

What You Get When You Level Up In Black Ops 4

Rise up the ranks. Unlock new gear.

With so many people diving headfirst into the Multiplayer madness of Black Ops 4, the race is on to unlock every last piece of gear available. And, there’s a whole lot of items to unlock. For those of you who take your time on your path to Rank 55, look at these as benchmarks. These are the footholds as you scale Mt. Prestige. And for those dyed-in-the-wool legends out there who reach Max Rank and unlock everything on Day 1? Look at this as an hour-by-hour report of your achievements. Look back on those pre-Koshka ranks with nostalgia..

Levels 1-4 – Six Default Classes
Get a taste of what’s to come with six built-in Default Classes, each with their own combat characteristics. Use the Breach class to run ‘n gun; Mercenary to get your feet wet; Support to take down Scorestreaks; Sentinel for lane control; Marksman, for the snipers among us; and Hunter, where Secondary Weapons and the Combat Axe come into play.

Level 5 – Three Custom Class Slots & Much More
You’ve dabbled in the Default Classes, now make your own. Here’s what you get to pick from:

Primary Weapons: ICR-7. MX-9. Titan.
Secondary Weapons: Strife. Hellion Salvo.
Gear: Equipment Charge. Stim Shot. COMSEC Device.
Perk 1: Engineer. Scavenger.
Perk 2: Lightweight. Skulker.
Perk 3: Team Link. Ghost.
Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter 1. Secondary Gunfighter 1. Primary Operator Mod. Secondary Operator Mod.

Level 8 – Three More Custom Classes, Gear & Weapons
By Level 8, you’ll have earned a weapon from each class.

Primary Weapons: Auger DMR. Paladin HB50.
Secondary Weapons: MOG 12.
Gear: Body Armor. Acoustic Sensor.

Level 13 – An SMG & A Rifle With A Side of Greed
The GKS gives you all the fire rate of an SMG but with range that’ll let you compete at distances typically suited for Assault Rifles. The Rampart 17 gives you a second AR to play around with. This one pumps out strong damage with a slower fire rate. You also get the Perk 1 Greed Wildcard. Don’t want to decide between Engineer and Cold Blooded? No problem. Equip them both and you don’t have to.

Primary Weapon: Rampart 17. GKS.
Perk 1: Flak Jacket.
Wildcard: Perk 1 Greed.

Level 20 – Sniper Variety, More Greed & Perks
The Outlaw is an accurate bolt-action Sniper Rifle offering one-shot kills to the upper chest and above. The Hades is a fast-firing LMG that can really shred if you get accustomed to the recoil. Each of these is worth a try on their own merits. Or, with your new Overkill Wildcard, you can try them both in the same loadout.

Primary Weapon: Hades. Outlaw.
Wildcard: Overkill. Perk 2 Greed. Perk 3 Greed.
Perk 1: Cold Blooded.
Perk 3: Dead Silence.

Level 26 – Two Weapons & Wildcard Extras
The KN-57 is a solid all-around Assault Rifle that’s reliable in all scenarios. And, for when your Primary runs out of ammo, swap to the RK 7 Garrison. Accurate three-round bursts in rapid succession are a fine option to have as your Secondary.

Primary Weapon: KN-57.
Secondary Weapon: RK 7 Garrison.
Perk 1: Tactical Mask.
Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter 2. Secondary Gunfighter 3.

Level 31 – A Sniper Rifle, an SMG and Shotgun Walk into a Bar…
From here, the rewards keep getting better. The aptly-named Spitfire boasts best-in-class fire rate along with the Wildfire Operator Mod that jacks up that fire rate to obscene levels. The SDM Sniper offers reliable 2-shot kills from a larger magazine and the SG12 dishes out heavy damage with superior mobility.

Primary Weapon: Spitfire. SDM.
Secondary Weapon: SG12.
Perk 2: Gung-Ho.
Equipment: Trophy System.

Level 38 – A Burst of Rifles & An Axe for Throwing
Look at you! You’re really moving up in the world. Great work. Along the way, you’ve got your paws on another Tactical Rifle, this one firing in 3-round bursts. Plus, you’ve got access to the smooth handling, fast-firing Blackout favorite Vapr-XKG. Here’s a roundup of your other latest unlocks:

Primary Weapon: Vapr-XKG. ABR 223.
Wildcard: Primary Gunfighter 3. Secondary Gunfighter 2. Perk 1 Gluttony.
Perk 3: Tracker.
Equipment: Combat Axe.

Level 46: So. Many. New. Weapons.
The weapons keep on coming with a little something for everyone. The Cordite’s beastly ammo pool can be maxed out to 600 with the Belt-Feed Operator Mod. Looking for mobility? Try the Koshka, the fastest handling Sniper Rifle around, or swap to the Mozu, a high-damage revolver that can be lethal at impressive range. Here’s what else you’ve got by now:

Primary Weapon: Cordite. VKM 750. Koshka.
Secondary Weapon: Mozu.
Perk 2: Dexterity.
Wildcards: Perk 2 Gluttony.
Equipment: Frag.

Level 51: Fatten Up or Go Lean
Is Perk 3 the category of perks that truly speaks to you? Then equip the Gluttony 3 Wildcard and slot a Perk 3 perk in each of your three perk slots for a maximum Perk 3 loadout. If you’ve really got two secondary weapons you just can’t live without, you don’t have to anymore. Underkill makes your dual secondary dreams a reality.

Primary Weapon: Maddox RFB.
Wildcard: Underkill. Perk 3 Gluttony.
Equipment: Molotov.

Level 55: A Compact SMG, A Tactical Rifle & Prestige
Look what you did. Messed around and maxed-out your rank. Before you dive right back in and Prestige, recall with fondness the Saug 9mm you duel-wielded with the help of an Operator Mod. Maybe you want to think about using that Permanent Unlock Token on the Swordfish? 4-round bursts that can become 5-round bursts with an Operator Mod sounds like something you always want to have around. Here’s everything else you have available:

Primary Weapon: Saug 9mm. Swordfish.
Secondary Weapon: Combat Knife.
Equipment: Concussion.

Now that you've got the full breakdown of what's on offer, it’s time to get in there and unlock every last piece. We've got a good feeling you'll make short work of those 55 ranks. Once you reach the top, you have the option to Prestige. This resets everything, but you get a Permanent Unlock token. So, if you just can't live without the Saug 9mm or the Swordfish, take it with you on your path back through the ranks.

Just remember to have fun experimenting with your loadout. You'll figure out what works best for your playstyle and cruise through Prestige after Prestige in no time..

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