The New Nazi Zombies DLC Puts a Three-Part Spin on the Epic Adventure

The “Tortured Path” is the most dynamic Nazi Zombies mission yet!

The New Nazi Zombies DLC Puts a Three-Part Spin on the Epic Adventure

The “Tortured Path” is the most dynamic Nazi Zombies mission yet!


You discovered The Final Reich. You conquered The Darkest Shore. You stopped Doktor Straub from ascending to his Shadowed Throne, and you recovered the pieces of Barbarossa’s fabled Sword…

Still, Allied forces are succumbing across Europe to an advancing Wave of Nazi Zombies, and if there’s any chance of human survival, Jefferson, Drostan, Olivia and Marie must secretly transport the Sword pieces to a hidden Nazi dig site somewhere in the world.

This is DLC Pack 3: United Front’s new Nazi Zombies adventure, “The Tortured Path.”

It’s a totally redefined, never-before-seen Nazi Zombies experience in three blitzkrieg-fast, Objective-driven battle modes. After facing Straub in Berlin, General Rideau folds Marie and her team into the Bureau of Archaic Technologies, or the B.A.T. – an elite and secret organization formed to support their mission. However, the B.A.T.’s time is valuable and one misstep means our heroes’ days could be numbered, so, get ready to embark on an adventure as frenetic and focused as a War Mode … but with an Undead twist!


What’s the Twist?

Broken into three mission-based Chapters, this all-new story combines tactical mechanics and timed Objectives with the merciless mow-down action of previous Nazi Zombies DLCs, in gameplay that everyone can enjoy.

Nazi Zombies newbies, now’s the time to get in here. You’ll love the instant rewards from fast-paced Objective challenges, a fun, randomized Wall-Buy Weapon system and the Chapter-based format for those who like to take a quick breather between Waves.

Don’t feel like knocking out an afternoon on a full adventure or tackling complex puzzles over the span of a few hours? Play one, two or all three mini-missions in “The Tortured Path” and blast through each Chapter in 15 minutes, or see how long you can survive while tackling your first Easter Egg – it’s up to you.

Speaking of Easter Eggs, The Tortured Path is also right-on for those experienced Zombie hunters who love to crack the hidden puzzles these adventures are famous for, with the most diabolical and well-hidden Easter Eggs yet! PLUS, meet infamous and elusive Hidden Characters like the Mountaineer and Slayer, as they join with your group to save the world.

It’s heart-pounding gameplay that everyone can really sink their Shovels into. So, let’s dig!


Into the Storm

The Undead army at their heels, Rideau and the team descend upon the destroyed Allied port town of Malaga, from where they’ll depart on a long voyage across the ocean. The B.A.T. must not only first clear the town of swarming Zombies, but complete a series of timed Objectives and frantic Zombie-elimination rounds.

If you succeed in each Objective, you’ll get a B.A.T. Ordinance Drop – an Undead Care Package – which, when captured, spawns a randomized lot of neat Weapons, Jolts and Powerups. If you fail to complete the Objective before time runs out, however, it’s an automatic Defeat. So, keep in communication with your Party and try to knock out the challenge as a team.

For the Objectives that require you to take out Special Zombies, like Bombers, try tacking on Freefire to max out your ammo and punch up your Weapon – it’ll help you tear through long lines of Undead without totally emptying your clip.

For Objectives that require completing a task under a time limit, try giving your loadout a glow-up by purchasing powerups from the Blitz machines, like Laufenblitz for increased sprint and stamina or Lebenblitz for a shorter revive time in Co-op, or a self-revive in Solo play. You’ll be off to the next Chapter before you know it … just make sure you put on your sea legs.


Across the Depths
Taking place atop a rocking cargo boat, the B.A.T.’s only chance to reach their destination in secret, “Across the Depths” is one of Nazi Zombies’ most unique maps yet.

Forceful winds and powerful seas shift the boat during each Zombie Wave, causing cargo trucks to slide back and forth across the map, obscuring and revealing pathways (depending where you’re standing). If Zombie hunters find themselves trapped behind a truck, they could be forced to take the long way through the bottom of the ship and run the risk of failing the timed Objective and getting slapped with an automatic Defeat.

Avoid getting cornered into tight, narrow spaces there; the sequence of rooms below deck are claustrophobic and cramped, with limited sightlines throughout. Take note of the layout before you get stuck in a dark room with an overzealous Meuchler.


Beneath the Ice

Manage to escape the ship and complete all timed Objectives, and you’ll arrive at a top-secret Nazi dig site in the iciest recesses of the world, with Barbarossa’s Sword pieces in tow. Take to this circular underground lair that pulses with Geistkraft energy; eliminate Sizzler Zombies, repair equipment and get it done before the clock runs out.

It’s here, if you succeed, that you’ll be able to assemble Emperor Barbarossa’s Sword. But first, you must grapple with more Objective-driven Waves and tough time limits, while trying not to go down with the Zombies.  And if you can defeat the horde Beneath the Ice and claim The Tortured Path’s rewards, you’ll be so much closer to bringing a final stop to the Undead.


Play Now!

Call of Duty: WWII’s The Tortured Path is the most dynamic Nazi Zombies mission yet! Not a hardcore Zombie-hunter? No sweat – there’s a slew of rewards and surprises to uncover no matter your skill level or where you’re at in your Nazi Zombies journey.

Get The Tortured Path with Call of Duty®: WWII’s DLC Pack 3: United Front. Pick it up today!

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