Liberation Weaponry: The Weapons Of Liberty Strike

New Weapons. Unique features.

Liberation Weaponry: The Weapons Of Liberty Strike

New Weapons. Unique features.


Seasonal community events are a time to celebrate the people who make Call of Duty®: WWII worth playing: the players. And, what better way to celebrate the people than to add some new weapons to the mix? Liberty Strike brings with it four new weapons, each of which add something unique to the game. An SMG, a Sniper Rifle, a Rifle and a Melee round out the new additions to the game’s weaponry. Here’s what you’ve got to choose from.

ZK-383 SMG

Choosing a weapon usually demands a concession of some sort. A Shotgun offers one-hit kills at the cost of range. Sniper Rifles offer high damage and range but require immaculate precision. You have to pick one thing and sacrifice another. So, in today’s age of instant gratification, why not get a weapon that can do it all? And, with the ZK-383 that’s exactly what you get. This SMG comes equipped with selective fire. Those selections: slow and fast. Fast spills bullets with quickness, fury and a bit more recoil for shorter-ranged engagements. Slow firing dishes out a steadier stream for medium-ranged fights and significantly reduced kick. If you’re somebody who mostly plays with their Primary weapon and doesn’t bother switching to your Secondary for different ranged engagements, you now can adjust your weapon to your playstyle and map location by simply flicking a switch. Balanced, versatile and the ability to fine-tune it in combat to suit your needs, the ZK-383 does what no other SMG can. And that’s a good thing.

De Lisle Sniper Rifle

The Mountain Division may keep you hidden from enemy Recon, but once you fire your noisy weapon you show up on mini-maps just like everybody else. Sniper Rifles don’t have Silencer attachments, so if you want to remain concealed, what’s a long-range rifleman to do? Finally, we have our answer: equip the De Lisle. Like the ZK-383, the De Lisle comes with an extra bit of functionality that makes it stand out from the rest of the weapons in its class – a built-in Silencer. No noisy thunderbolts from your sniper’s perch, just lethal, silenced precision that won’t flag you on mini-maps. This bolt-action badass doesn’t lack for damage either, as it offers one-hit kills to the torso and above. To recap, the De Lisle boasts accurate, silenced, one-hit kills with all the range that comes with a Sniper Rifle. Is it any wonder that most of us have been hording Armory Credits in anticipation for this thing to make its debut?

AVS-36 Rifle

Picking a favorite weapon in a game like Call of Duty®: WWII is far from an exact science. Sure, stats and particulars play a big role but, it mostly comes down to feel. How does it feel when you use it? Do you feel confident you can take on whatever enemies throw your way with what’s in your hands? With dozens of weapons available, it’s extremely possible the new AVS-36 Rifle could push its way towards your favorite. The Soviet-made, fully-automatic Rifle only lacks in one area: weaknesses. It’s dependable across the board: solid fire rate, damage, range, controllable recoil and a quick reload time. A reliable Rifle will always be a welcome addition to the game and the AVS-36 is at minimum reliable. Regardless of your weapon class preferences, you’ll find the AVS-36 feels right at home in your hands. You won’t find an engagement in the game where this won’t give you’re a good chance of coming out on top. What else could you want from a Rifle?

Push Dagger Melee

Despite the entire Melee class delivering one-hit kills, not all of these weapons are created equal. Some Melees have more elaborate animations as they deliver these deadly blows, some are brief. The Push Dagger fits into the latter category. You won’t be concerned about timing your swing with this little number. Small and efficient, you won’t find a faster melee, particularly if you equip the Serrated Basic Training which lets you melee ever faster and double Tacticals to help close fighting distance. Enemies who see you coming will likely wonder what happened to your weapon? You aren’t aiming a bulky LMG or lugging around a big, honkin’ sword – why would you be sprinting towards them so confidently? It’s only once you get up close and deal a deadly push will they realize you’ve got the tiny, most efficient melee equipped. And it’s just as lethal as a weapon 10 times its size.

The weapons of Liberty Strike are available right now in Supply Drops, or you can unlock specific variants as Collection Rewards at the Quartermaster. So, head over there the next time you’re in HQ and give these new weapons a go. Regardless of how you play, one of these weapons will certainly suit your needs.

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