Quartermaster Comms Vol.3

Introducing some of the latest Winter Siege weapons to properly outfit yourself for the winter.

by Call of Duty Staff on December 21, 2017

It’s time for another edition of the Quartermaster Comms, your home for hints, tips and everything of interest at the Quartermaster’s desk. Winter Siege means a fresh blanket of snow in HQ, a whole swath of new gear and an all-new Quartermaster. This week, we’re introducing your new Quartermaster, as well as some of the latest Winter Siege weapons to properly outfit yourself for the winter.


Meet Captain Butcher

Corporal Green requested a little time off for the holidays so, in the meantime, we’ve got a new Quartermaster. Fresh from deployment deep behind enemy lines, meet Captain Jonathan Butcher. Butcher’s storied Special Ops career has led to all sorts of speculation. Any time an enemy makes a tactical misstep or loses a battle they should have won, chances are Captain Butcher had a hand in cutting them down to size. He’s got no time for excuses, backchat or failure but dammit if he didn’t bring with him a nice batch of winter gear. Go see the man for all your Winter Siege needs. He’s tough, but fair, and may even throw in some deals now and again.


Primary - STEN ‘Royal Skull’

Captain Butcher brought the STENs with him and these babies look clean as hell. Like Captain Butcher himself, the STEN embodies England’s finest qualities: tough, reliable and resilient. Butcher’s upper lip is stiffer than most and the STEN is no different. The ‘Royal Skull’ Epic variant comes with diagonal black and white stripes across the foregrip and a gold barrel making for a striking SMG. Toss in 10% Bonus XP and you’ve got yourself a lightweight, side-loading beast of a weapon. If you’re looking for a new SMG to suit your short-range needs, your search is over.




Melee - Ice Pick ‘The Rattler’

Unless you’re running Infantry and have a bayonet affixed to your rifle, a melee weapon is the only way to get one hit hand-to-hand kills. And, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the Ice Pick. The Epic variant, ‘The Rattler’, is named after the effect it has on enemies’ teeth and bones. Sure, you could pick at a block of ice and mix yourself a cocktail, but when you’re running around the trenches of Pointe du Hoc, there are more effective and deadly ways to put that thing to use. The Rattler also packs 10% Bonus XP. So, pick up your Ice Pick and lay waste with your Winter melee.


That’s it for this week’s Quartermaster Comms. Captain Butcher runs a tight ship, so be on the lookout for another edition next week highlighting the best of Winter Siege. Want more details on more gear? Check out last week’s issue by clicking the button below.