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This Week In Blackout (UPDATING)

  • BO4

Double Merits, playlist updates & more!

This Week In Blackout (UPDATING)

  • BO4

Double Merits, playlist updates & more!

The Blackout Free Access* period continues, and with the addition of Alcatraz, players now have more ways than ever to outlast enemies until the final circle! This month of free access is a celebration of Blackout and we’re dropping modes and events to keep the party going all month-long!


It's Wednesday, which isn't the weekend just yet, but when that weekend comes? Prepare your minds, thumbs and ego for a Double Merit boost. We're once more turning on 2X Merits to help you race through the echelons of Blackout glory. And if you're in North America and want a little extra, pre-weekend glory, you might be interested in...

The Take No Prisioners Community Event**! Round up your squad and drop into Alcatraz during the specified time on April 25 and show the world, or the participants in this event at least, what you're made of. It’s available for all players on Playstation 4, XboxOne and PC with $40,000 up for grabs. Click here for all the details to see how you can get a piece of that 40K.

And, finally, Hot Pursuit is back through the end of Blackout Free Access on April 30. Get in those last satisfying, cinematic owns from the confines of a police vehicle or the exposed, open top Muscle Car. Drop in with your squad, loot up and peel out!

April 18

For starters, this weekend we’ll be turning on Double Merits across all Blackout playlists. Through April 22 at 10 AM PT, you'll blaze your way up the ranks on your path to Battle Hardened, Prestige and beyond. Whether you’re getting your first taste of Blackout or you’ve been grinding since October, there’s no better time to drop in.

Have some fun with the return of a familiar mode: Hot Pursuit! Live until April 19 at 10 AM PT, Hot Pursuit is a vehicle-heavy, respawn mode packed with blockbuster-worthy chases, incredible drive-by snipes and a final circle that you’ve gotta see to believe. Flip the siren and activate the built-in Sensor Dart on police vehicles to hunt down enemies or utilize the built-in Looter perk in un-marked Muscle Cars to snatch high-level loot.

What happens after the 19th? Hardcore Quads returns! Show off your cunning and tactics in this stripped-down, armor-free mode. It'll be live through April 22 at 10 AM PT, so round up your squad and get ready to party-up, hardcore-style.

Keep an eye on this page throughout the Blackout Free Access period for regular updates on all things Blackout!

*Online multiplayer subscription required for console
**Tournament sponsor: BOOMTV. Activision Publishing, INC. is not a sponsor of this Blackout Alcatraz Tournament. No Purchase Necessary. This tournament is only open for players in these regions: United States of America excluding, the following seven states: Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Louisiana, Maryland, Tennessee, Washington, Canada. This tournament is limited to players who are 18 year of age or older. Full entry requirements and rules can be found at

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