Nuketown Comes To Black Ops 4

Nuketown Comes To Black Ops 4

Black Ops 4 kicks off the season of giving by re-imagining the iconic Multiplayer map, Nuketown. The best part? All Black Ops 4 players get Nuketown for free. So, choose a Specialist and prepare to blitz into a new arctic arena like you’ve never seen before.

Anybody who’s experienced the Black Ops series has no doubt dropped into an iteration of this classic Treyarch Multiplayer hallmark. This time, Nuketown takes us to an isolated concealed nuclear launch facility. A recent snowfall has blanketed Nuketown with a fresh coat of powder, with every detail of this frigid facility functioning to transport players into a unique, Soviet backdrop.

Each building is full of Cold War-era technology, including analog radios, rudimentary satellite imagery, enormous computers and a reel-to-reel film projector, as well as USSR propaganda posters. Interior walls display schematics for tanks, nuclear launch paths and potential targets. To add to the historic feel, the two large vehicles obstructing the center are both Soviet train cars.

The refined, silky-smooth gameplay of Black Ops 4 makes this familiar landscape an utter joy to play. The hallmarks of Nuketown are all here: frenetic, frequent close-quarters play in the houses and around the railcars in the center, with long sightlines on either side of the houses.

As far as Specialists go, Nuketown’s confined nature brings an added layer of intensity to their abilities and equipment. For example, plant Recon’s Sensor Dart in the right spot and you’ve got intel on nearly a third of the map. Need to traverse dangerous areas in a hurry? Ruin’s Grapple Gun – paired with Equipment Charge in your Gear slot for more frequent uses – gets you where you need to go with no shortage of places to plant.