Shamrock & Awe Multiplayer Updates

by Call of Duty Staff on March 21, 2019

Shamrock & Awe has a pot o' Multiplayer updates at the end of the rainbow for all players to enjoy. After you log in and collect your free emote and calling card, check out these new MP features:

New Mode – Stockpile
New to Black Ops 4, Stockpile is an objective game mode where players drop dog tags when they’re killed. Your objective is to collect enemy dog tags and deposit them in a deposit site to score points for your team. Plus, you can defend your objective by collecting the tags of fallen teammates to prevent your opponents from scoring. Scoop up some dog tags and experience the newest mode when you jump into the Stockpile playlist.

Alternate Map - Contraband Hurricane
The remote island battleground of Contraband is in the midst of a nasty hurricane. The best advice would be to stay inside until the storm subsides. But where’s the fun in that?
Contraband Hurricane is the latest Multiplayer arena to experience weather elements. You’ll battle for control of the bridge, flank through lush vegetation and submerge under water to escape a gunfight just like normal. However, you’ll now be braving the elements – driving rains and heavy winds – of a tropical storm.