This Week in the Black Market

Last call for Operation 1 gear, y'all. Here's the rundown for December 5 onwards.

This Week in the Black Market

Last call for Operation 1 gear, y'all. Here's the rundown for December 5 onwards.

Operation First Strike is almost over and all the Tiers and gear that came with it will disappear for good. We’ll be sad to see it go but, there’s some good news.

If you've got your eye on upper tier gear like Hudson in Blackout or the ICR-7 ‘Blinding Glory’ Signature Weapon, now's the time to unlock those upper Tiers and take what's yours. To help you get to those tiers while they're still around, we're discounting Tiers by the bundle. Here’s the deal:

Buy 5 Tiers, get 40% off.
Buy 20 Tiers, get 50% off.
Buy 50 Tiers, get 60% off.

The more you bundle, the more value you get. And when this stuff is gone, it's gone. So, scoot over to the Black Market and polish off those remaining tiers before they disappear.

Now, let’s take a look at what else you can pick up at the Black Market. Up first, PS4:

Hear ye, hear ye: if you didn't get to pick up the 'Patriot' Signature Weapon at launch, now is your time to get it. Head to the Black Market and pick up a Special Order for this valiant tool, then progress through 10 tiers of Blackjack’s Reserve items. When all’s said and done, you’ll have the ‘Patriot’ SMG complete with a Mastercraft camo and a Reactive camo challenge. 

Do area-denial in style: pick up the ‘Demonio’ Special Order for Torque! As you play, you’ll unlock 10 item tiers that stack alongside your regular tier progression, earning you double the content. Discover items like Torque's ‘Demonio’ Specialist outfit and warpaint, plus his ‘Desperado’ tag and 'Shaking In My Boots' gesture, which only Torque can equip.  

Go ballistic for Ajax’s ‘Death Web’ Special Order, available now. Pick it up to unlock multiple item tiers containing goods made just for Ajax, like the ‘Death Web’ outfit, warpaint and decal – plus the chest-beating ‘Come At Me Boet!’ gesture. 

Don’t worry Xbox and PC, folks. We got you covered, too.

Fix up your favorite medic with the 'Alucinación’ Special Order for Crash, which contains 10 total item tiers to stack alongside your regular tier progression. You'll earn Crash-only items like his ‘Alucinación’ outfit, his ‘Doctor Death’ tag and his ‘Good On Ya’ gesture, plus a calling card and 4 item tiers from Blackjack's Reserves.

Last, but certainly not least, look like a stunner with Prophet’s ‘Corriente’ Special Order. When you plow through these tiers, you’ll earn the 'Corriente' outfit plus plenty of content just for Prophet, like his ‘Harbinger’ tag and ‘Kingfish’ gesture. You'll also snag 4 items from Blackjack's Reserves and the ‘Corriente’ decal and warpaint to complete the look.