New vehicle, new area, new look. It's a whole new day in Blackout


New vehicle, new area, new look. It's a whole new day in Blackout

Operation Absolute Zero doesn't just drop in a new Specialist to Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4. We've got a whole mess of updates Blackout updates now and in the near future. Have a look:

Drop into Blackout’s newest destination: Hijacked. This Black Ops II luxury yacht is anchored just off the coast, ready to board. While exploring what’s on deck, clear the craft of enemies and gear up for the final circle. Navigate this upscale locale from bow to stern for loot, nostalgia and maybe a few surprises as well. 

There’s a new vehicle spawning throughout the Blackout map – the ARAV. Armored and equipped with a turret-mounted machine gun for maximum suppression, this lethal hunk of mobile devastation can plow through stoutly defended enemy positions and take a good amount of damage in the process. Find Blackout’s newest vehicle and motor through the map with armored confidence.

And for a limited time, winter has swept through Blackout and left behind a dusting of snow in the mountains and seasonal décor across the landscape. But, this holiday upgrade isn’t purely decorative. Coming soon, you’ll find piles of snowballs throughout Blackout that you’re free to pick up and whip at unsuspecting foes with abandon. Each snowball deals a small amount of damage that makes for a festive, freezing final blow to a downed opponent.

All updates come first to PS4.

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