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A Guide to Gondola and Casablanca, Two New Multiplayer Maps Launching with Season Two of Call of Duty®: Vanguard

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Take in a view of the mountains in Gondola and set foot in the busy streets of Casablanca as these two new Multiplayer maps launch alongside Season Two on February 14. Read on for map overviews and tips for success in the coming battles.

A Guide to Gondola and Casablanca, Two New Multiplayer Maps Launching with Season Two of Call of Duty®: Vanguard

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Take in a view of the mountains in Gondola and set foot in the busy streets of Casablanca as these two new Multiplayer maps launch alongside Season Two on February 14. Read on for map overviews and tips for success in the coming battles.

Prepare to deploy to two new locations as Gondola and Casablanca enter the Multiplayer rotation with the launch of Season Two of Call of Duty: Vanguard and Call of Duty®: Warzone™. These midsized maps take you to the snowy mountains and the arid coast, testing your skills in two wildly different environments.

Visit our Season Two announcement blog to learn about everything that’s going live at Season Two launch and beyond. Now let’s take a closer look at the skirmishes ahead as we dive into Gondola and Casablanca.


Dress warmly and don’t get too distracted by the scenic views. This medium-sized map is nearly symmetrical, with some variation between the far west and east spawns. From each spawn, you descend toward the lower middle ground or straight across through the upper Power Plant. The central feature here is a working gondola, providing a lift across the middle gulch for those seeking a break from hoofing it.

On the west side, the Heavy Water Plant provides a great view over the gulch, as well as opportune sightlines into the gondolas for dislodging traveling enemies; watch out for those enemies when you’re taking a ride. With a Sniper Rifle or strong zoom, you can get some decent shots into the Power Plant as well. Find another power position on the second story of the Warming Hut, a good spot for taking out enemies rushing out of the Power Plant’s west exit.

To the east, the Gondola Station marks the entry point for hopping on a ride, and it houses objective locations across several modes. Ambush enemies through the northern caves and mount up on the ledge outside the Administration building for views over the middle.

The center of the map is divided between the lower gulch and the upper Power Plant. Note the ladder leading up into the central Fire Watch Tower from below, and use the Power Plant’s turbines for cover when engaging enemy Operators within.

Top 3 Tips

Gondola Out of Bounds. It can be easy to lose sense of your position when riding a gondola and firing while on the move. Just remember that when traveling toward the west side of the map, the gondola will continue moving out of bounds. Don’t get caught outside the field of battle alongside it.

Enter from the Middle. It’s possible to enter either gondola from the Fire Watch Tower rooftop in the center of the map. Stand in the middle and mantle over the side into either gondola as they pass by. This is a great way to get out of a bad situation. Remember to lie low and get out of sight if you’re under attack; then crouch back up and return fire over the ledge. 

A Gift from the Armory. Unlocked at Tier 44 in the Season Two Battle Pass, the new Armory Perk guarantees that your equipment will remain hidden from view and immune to hacking against Engineer-equipped enemies. Use this to plant Demolition Charges or an S-Mine 44 in one of the gondolas; then watch with glee as the opposition steps up to their doom.


The larger of the Season Two maps, Casablanca challenges Operators with its winding city streets and multiple interior locations. High walls throughout create a labyrinth where combat can erupt at any moment. It may take a few matches to get your bearings, but once you do, the tactical opportunities are endless.

The Rooftop Lounge connecting the two Market buildings is a particularly dangerous spot. Offering long, high views over a large portion of the map, this area is guaranteed to draw attention. When engaging with any of the interior locations, watch for market stands and crates offering quick entry via mantling.

Use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade to better hunt down enemies, so they’re less likely to be alerted to your attack. And keep that weapon raised when turning corners in the streets, so you’re always one step ahead when danger inevitably arrives.

Top 3 Tips

Lay of the Land. This is a dense map, filled to the brim with intricate sightlines and power positions. Try setting up a solo local game to get your bearings on your own time. Run through the streets, check out the buildings, and see how everything’s connected. That map knowledge will pay off when you head into a public game.

Sniper Down the Lane. Use your Tactical Sprint when crossing over the main roads to avoid giving snipers an easy target (even more effective when using Serpentine in the Perk 1 category); if there’s an especially nasty one, deploy a Smoke Grenade for concealment, or better yet flank their position and get rid of the problem at its source.

Lean on Perk 2. The Perk 2 category is especially important here as you learn the ins and outs of Casablanca. Consider Radar for additional minimap intel, or High Alert for a heads-up when you’re down sights of an enemy Operator. If you’ve unlocked the Intuition Perk introduced in Season One, give that a try too—you’ll sense the presence of nearby enemies, even through Casablanca’s high walls.

Coming Later in Season Two: The Alps

Keep your eyes on this blog for news regarding the Alps, a map unlike any other in Vanguard, releasing later in the season. Home to the hidden Axis hideaway, the Alps debuts exclusively in the new Arms Race game mode, featuring armored war machines on a grand scale. Watch for the upcoming guide when the map launches in Season Two.

Season Two Launches February 14

Deploy to Gondola and Casablanca when Season Two launches on February 14. In addition to these two free maps, Season Two introduces the Operators of Task Force Yeti, adds new Nebula V content to Warzone, and delivers 100 Tiers of content in the Season Two Battle Pass, including new weapons, Perks, the Ball Turret Gunner Killstreak, and much more.

Rise on every front.

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