Experience A Classic: The Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered Campaign

A truly global, epic story experienced through the boots of the soldiers who lived it.

by Call of Duty Staff on March 05, 2019

You’re Soap, the FNG (we’ll let you google what that stands for) and you thought this would be simple.

Infiltrate a container ship off the Alaskan coast, suppress the crew and security onboard and secure the package below deck. Sure, it’s your first operation with the elite S.A.S, but this is what you trained for, right? Your crusty leader Captain Price radiates confidence as he casually puffs his cigar as your chopper makes its approach. He appears unbothered. So, why should you be?

Initially, his calm demeanor appears justified after relatively little resistance above deck. Fire fights as you descend through the bowels of the ship get a bit heated, but you and your squad hold up. Captain Price’s radiation detection device zeroes in on a specific container with what appears to be a rogue nuclear device. As he calls for an extraction helicopter, you hear the news: two fighter jets heading your way fast. Time to get the hell out of there.

You grab the manifest, but as soon as you sprint towards the stairs an explosion rattles the ship, knocking your squad to the ground. Water slowly fills the ship – it’s really time to get the hell out of there.

Narrow corridors, dripping wet metal staircases, tight turns, a nearly vertical, capsized ship and, finally, a holding-on-by-your-damn-fingertips leap from the ship to the hovering helicopter is the only sequence that gets you out alive. The sinking ship illuminates the sky with explosions as your transport drives above the rocky sea to safety.

And, that’s just the Prologue.

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered single-player campaign is 18 levels of intense, experiential, narrative combat that stands the test of time. You’ll inhabit multiple characters, get to know their leaders and squad mates, drop into heart-stopping action in every part of the world.

From iconic, instant-classic levels like the Russian countryside escape of Death From Above and the stealth, sniper mission of All Ghillied Up, there’s truly nothing like reliving this remastered classic campaign. Or, experiencing it for the first time. Plus, it’s free for the month of March to all PlaystationPlus subscribers.

And, once you’ve completed the non-stop intensity of this sprawling tale of global unrest, you’ll want to test your skills against others online. Click here to get to know the Multiplayer world of Modern Warfare Remastered.

*This product is available as a free download for PlayStation®Plus users only for a limited time only.