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A Guided Tour of the Blackout Map

  • BO4

14 marked areas with rivers, oceans, forests and rocky terrain in between.

A Guided Tour of the Blackout Map

  • BO4

14 marked areas with rivers, oceans, forests and rocky terrain in between.

This is the terrain. The map of Blackout. The biggest map in Call of Duty® history is massive, varied and full of surprises. Obviously, those surprises are for you to figure out as you Magellan this thing from end to end. But, take note of these places. It’s good to know the lay of the land when you’re dropping into a hostile environment along with a mass of enemies. That’s why we’ve taken the time to take you on a trip through your new home.

The northern-most area of the map, Estates is the map’s lap of luxury reminiscent of the Black Ops II map ‘Raid’. You’ll find modern, luxury homes with upscale amenities like a basketball court (with equippable basketballs for post-ups and tactical Eurosteps), circular driveways and a helipad. As you head up the tree-lined street to these walled-off complexes, you’ll want to scavenge your way through all levels of these stately abodes. If you want an elevated look at distant areas of the map, climb the peak to the south of the eastern estate for a clear view of the windmills way down in the south.

Hydro Dam
Nestled in the northeast corner of the map, Hydro Dam contains a massive hydroelectric power plant. Take up defensive positions on the road crossing the top to get an elevated look towards the center of the map, or creep through the large structures on either side of the water below. If you need to make a quick escape, never forget that you can swim to safety or wingsuit to the bottom.

Train Station
Don’t get caught slippin’ at the train station. You’ll find plenty of loot among the industrial box cars and more upscale commuter train, but that can make this area a popular starting point. The main station building provides good ambush areas inside as well as an elevated place for overwatch on the roof. The varied terrain surrounding the trains as well as the wide-open nature of the parking lot makes for either short-range ambushes or longer-range gun fights. For another elevated view of the train yard, scurry up the water tower to the north.

Formerly an asylum for the mentally infirmed and based on the Zombies map ‘Verrukt’, the charred leftovers of this large building are packed with loot. The roof provides clear views in all directions for long-range scouting and sniping, while the wide lanes inside make for tight-quarters fights with dark corners tailor-made for ambushing over-zealous enemies. A hedge maze on the northern end of the property also has plenty of loot for your scavenging needs. Try not to get lost, or eaten by zombies. Seriously.

Firing Range
Touchstones of the iconic Black Ops I map of the same name abound in this area. You’ll recognize all the angles, barrels and wooden structures in a contained area tucked between a pair of farms. It’s a fine place for a firefight. If you’re approaching from the elevated forests to the west, recon the area through a scope first to get a good sense of what’s in store. Or, just set up shop from there and take down foes from a distance among the trees.

You’ll recognize elements from Black Ops III’s ‘Fringe’ as well a piece of Shadows of Evil in this quaint, peninsula town. But, don’t get it twisted: Rivertown plays host to plenty of action. Fight from rooftop to rooftop, from the streets to a water tower perch. In Quads, a proper defensive position can effectively lock down an entire end of the town. From most roofs, you’ll have a clear view of all three bridges and therefore the ability to spot any interlopers before they have a chance to get too close. With clear roads in and out, vehicles often make their presence felt when you roll through this area.

With enormous warehouses and slowly churning windmills to the south, this desert-y industrial landscape is as wide open as the American southwest. The Bohm Rotor Factory warehouses just waiting to be looted. You’ll have to do plenty of climbing – or Grapple Gunning – to find most of it. Spacious lots and multiple lonely bridges make for plenty of long-range opportunities among this desolate area.

On the south side of the river, you’ll see the Factory from far away due to its two tall stacks pumping black smoke into the air. Rows and rows of industrial material sit ready for shipping – or for cover if somebody’s sniping from the roof. Train tracks cut through the middle and bypass the area to the south. Storage containers of varying sizes make skulking the shadows a breeze. Snipe incoming vehicles from the tall building or ambush them with a rocket launcher from… well, anywhere you please.

Fracking Tower
Trailer offices litter the dirt clearing that surrounds the sky-high Fracking Tower. Scale the tower for pristine sniping views and fight among the gas pipes and vehicles in this area. Keep an eye on elevated areas to the west for potential incoming opponents. Scaling the ladders leading to the massive fuel tanks could yield a haul of loot – or, a quick death at the hands of an enemy in waiting. Even if you’re caught out in the open, there’s usually a cinderblock wall or portable bathroom to duck behind.

Cargo Docks
Shipping appears to be quite the industry on this part of the map. Containers as far as you can see, both on the dock and on the ship. Navigate your way onto the massive vessel for scores of available loot, as well as a decent elevated view of anything coming your way. This area gives you a jumping off point to sail up and down the coast in one of the tactical raft you can find throughout the map. Office buildings and a large, circular structure with a crane round out the area’s aesthetics. Fighting among the stacks isn’t for the faint of heart. The RC-XD is a perfect companion to keep you from potential ambushers.

Nuketown Island
The decimated remains of Nuketown reside on this island in the southwest. Remnants of citizens, homes and an elaborate hidden bunker make up this area full of secrets. Even among the wreckage, you won’t have to look too far to find a Weapon or Perk to your liking. If you end up on the island, vehicles are a great way to zip into and out of trouble. Navigate the seas in a tactical raft or barrel your way on or off the island in a military transport truck. The nuke clearly did its damage, but the battles of Nuketown are far from over. The homes are still there. The buses in the cul-de-sac are still there. And, we’d have to assume whatever’s underneath the blast door is probably still there, too.

Based on the Black Ops I map of the same name, large satellites cast even larger shadows over multiple communications warehouses. Navigate the dark insides and flat roofs of these structures for ample opportunities for excellent loot. A Grapple Gun makes traipsing through the varied elevations surrounding each satellite a breeze. Climb to an elevated spot for a clear view of the coastal highway and island to the west, but be wary of the prying eyes of snipers from the hills to the north. Tight areas within the buildings make SMGs a strong asset here.

Construction Site
An unfinished seaside skyscraper makes navigating this area a varied adventure. The higher you go, you’ll find a helipad, ample helpings of loot and a towering crane. An elevator allows you to take an ATV to higher ground, if that’s your thing. A Grapple Gun makes the whole climbing business a good bit easier, too. From these elevated positions, you can keep watch over a large swath of the map. Keep in mind, you won’t find much cover the higher you go and surrounding hills give snipers a clean shot if you expose yourself too much. However, if you drop from a high enough elevation, you just might make use of that wingsuit you used back when you initially dropped in.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 2 fans, select the Homunc-a-shuffle gesture and rejoice because you might just recognize this one. It’s the yacht from the Multiplayer map ‘Hijacked’ and it’s anchored just off the coast near Construction Site. Navigate this upscale vessel from bow to stern for loot, nostalgia and maybe a few surprises as well. Circle collapse, ahoy!

This collection of areas is hardly all-encompassing. There are dozens of smaller, unlabeled areas you’ll find in between these 14 places – these are just the ones with names. So, use these as your bearings and explore. You never know what may be hiding behind a building, among the trees or by the dock.

If you want to learn more about what to do once you drop in, click here for a Blackout introduction.

Want to learn how to get around this behemoth of a map? Check out this tutorial to get up to speed with the vehicles of Blackout:
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