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Warzone Wednesday, June 23 — Five Tips and a Tour of the Airplane Factory

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A magnet for looters and pilots, the Airplane Factory is a worthwhile study for those looking to up their survival game. Read on for tips and intel.

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Warzone Wednesday, June 23 — Five Tips and a Tour of the Airplane Factory

  • WZ

A magnet for looters and pilots, the Airplane Factory is a worthwhile study for those looking to up their survival game. Read on for tips and intel.

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It’s Warzone Wednesday — Let’s Drop In

Welcome to the Warzone.

Every Wednesday is Warzone Wednesday here on the Call of Duty® blog. This weekly column — and, by extension, the Official Warzone Strategy Guide — will help you become one of the most elite Operators in the world.

The strategy guide is fully updated for Verdansk ’84, and to help you digest its 230,000+ words of wisdom, we’re breaking down a fresh Point of Interest and providing five tips straight from the guide. We’ll keep you informed of future Warzone™ updates, too.

Now let’s get moving. Here’s Warzone Wednesday Week 9:

Point of Interest of the Week: Airplane Factory — Giant Maintenance Warehouse

Just east of the Superstore and the first stop for vehicles coming over the Great Bridge, the Airplane Factory sits at a critical junction that’s centered enough to feature in many circle collapses. Looming over the southern end of the factory, the Giant Maintenance Warehouse is a loot haven filled to the brim with ambush points inside and out. Let’s take a closer look at the exterior elements of the building so that you can lock down the area before heading in for the goods.

Giant Maintenance Warehouse Overview— Φ/Λ: E/5 (West). This gigantic warehouse with two chimneys is a landmark in its own right, and the warehouse itself is a spectacular maze of interior gantries, steps, and plane fuselage parts. North of this giant mechanic’s paradise is a large fuel vat, some stacked cargo containers, and a parking lot just south of the Engine Hangar. 

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (Exterior): A colossal maintenance warehouse takes up a vast amount of real estate in the southern part of this facility, and there are a number of access points along each perimeter wall, as follows:

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (North Exterior): Adjacent to the road from the south entrance that bends and heads east is an area where two cargo trucks are parked (northwest). Head under the pipe gantry (from the vat, allowing access to a roof ladder on this same north wall). In the middle of the exterior are three roll-up garage loading bays (north), all offering access into the structure.

Next to that are gantry stairs (above a power transformer block) near a parked container truck. The stairs lead to a second-floor metal door allowing access into a maintenance stairwell. Take the stairs up to reach the northeast roof and a ladder leading up to the main roof.

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (East Exterior): Facing the white-brick Fuselage Warehouse is a pair of massive hangar doors, allowing easy interior access. If you’re needing a quick route to the roof, check the ascender by the scaffold platform in the southeast corner, by the pedestrian footbridge.

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (South Exterior): Along the southern side of the structure is a parking lot and gantry steps above two sparking transformers leading to the main second-floor entrance; there are double doors and a ladder to the roof.

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (Exterior Chimneys): The two huge chimneys in the southwest corner of the facility by the south entrance provide both interior and roof access if you’re nimble enough. The double doors lead to a break room on the ground floor. Look along the south exterior side by the parking lot for a ladder up to the chimney base. Climb the ladder attached to either chimney to reach a pair of circular gantries high above the main roof. Two more ladders lead to the top of the chimneys; a precarious half-circle gantry is attached to each chimney.

Giant Maintenance Warehouse (West Exterior): Much like the eastern exterior wall of this warehouse, there’s a giant hangar door allowing easy access into the main interior floor under the cockpit of a passenger plane.

Now strap in and prepare to land at the Airplane Factory. For even more info on this Point of Interest, including a detailed breakdown of the interior Giant Maintenance Warehouse, the Fuel Tower, the Maintenance Hangar, and more, head over to the Official Warzone Strategy Guide.

Top Five Tips of the Week:

In this week’s #WarzoneWednesday, we’re discussing the circle collapse and how to use it to your advantage to hunt down enemy squads while minimizing the risk to your own life. Get these fundamentals down and you’ll be one fierce Operator.

Tip #027 — Elite BR Tactic: Rotation Manager

Pre-Game Preparation / Play

The fewer squads that are in the lobby, the more likely your squad can win. Start looking for strong positions at the border of the circle collapse to pick off approaching squads. If you don’t find anyone there, “rotate” around the circle to find your next target.

Tip #106 — The Collapse: An Underrated Tool for an Operator

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Circle Collapse

Although the collapse can be deadly, players willing to take risks can use it to circumnavigate threats or sneak up on enemies that think they are in safe territory. If you have the health to lose and keep it in check, don’t be afraid to use this collapse as another weapon in your arsenal.

Tip #136 — Donning and Doffing Takes More than One Action

Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Inventory

Gas Masks and Armor Plates both take time to equip — and take off, in the case of a Gas Mask — and will render your Operator unable to attack during the process. Bear this in mind if you are currently fighting in an engagement near a circle collapse or if your armor runs out.

Tip #202 — Straight to Maintenance

Tac Map: Atlas / Verdansk: West / Airport Maintenance

Because the Control Tower, Terminal, and Superstore can be hotly contested zones, it may be wise to forgo them when dropping in — that is, if you see plenty of parachutes opening over them — and aim for something in the Airport Maintenance section, which has many Points of Interest to explore.

Tip #203 — Deep within the Factory

Tac Map: Atlas / Verdansk: West / Airport Maintenance

Below the Giant Maintenance Warehouse is a basement level that stretches across a large portion of the Factory. Don’t forget to scavenge this area for items… and prepare for claustrophobic close-quarters situations.

Need More Intel? Visit the Official Warzone Strategy Guide to get a detailed look at all 300+ Tips, over 400 Points of Interest, and everything you need to step up your game and be fully prepared for Warzone.

We’ll see you online.

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