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Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ Weapon Detail: MG 82

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Unlocked for free at Tier 15 in the Season Four Battle Pass, the MG 82 boasts a high fire rate and impressive ammo capacity. Read on for tips when using the new LMG in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™ Weapon Detail: MG 82

  • BOCW
  • WZ

Unlocked for free at Tier 15 in the Season Four Battle Pass, the MG 82 boasts a high fire rate and impressive ammo capacity. Read on for tips when using the new LMG in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

  • Weapon Detail
  • Season 04

Season Four is here for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, bringing two new free-to-earn weapons via the Season Four Battle Pass: the MG 82, a beast of an LMG unlocked at Tier 15, and the C58 Assault Rifle, unlocked at Tier 31.

For this article, we’re looking at the MG 82, a weapon that’s certain to provide results whether you’re blasting away in Multiplayer, Zombies, or Warzone. Here’s its in-game description:

“Full-auto light machine gun. Highest fire rate in class with improved aiming speed. Moderate recoil and damage with increased ammo capacity.”

Now let’s dig in a little deeper.

MG 82 Overview

The belt-fed MG 82 is designed for sustained combat from a distance or right in the middle of things. Compared to other LMGs in Black Ops Cold War, the MG 82 fires the fastest and comes equipped with the largest base ammo capacity at 100 rounds per magazine. Along with moderate recoil, damage, and aiming speed, this is one versatile weapon.

Its damage per shot is the lowest in category, but that’s handily balanced by the weapon’s high fire rate. More important to keep in mind is its slow handling speed. You’ve got to anticipate the enemy and be ready to engage the moment they come into view. When you’re caught on the move, start firing right away as you aim in or you risk going down before you’ve fired a shot.

The MG 82 is solidly built, even at its base with no attachments. Clear iron sights mean you won’t need an Optic if you’re fighting at mid-range or closer, and stable (if slow) handling means there aren’t severe weaknesses to counter via Gunsmith. Most critical of all is to watch your reloads. It takes a long time to change out a drum magazine, so wait until you’re low on ammo or there’s a break in the fight. You’ve got 100 rounds, so try to use them all.

The latest LMG to grace the arsenal in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, the MG 82 earns its reputation as a beast.

Blueprint Review and Loadout

High Stakes

If you wanna play, you’ve got to bet high. The most dedicated Operators will unlock the “High Stakes” Ultra-rarity Reactive Weapon Blueprint at Tier 95 in the Season Four Battle Pass. Get lucky and spin to victory with an evolving camo that grows flashier as you neutralize enemies in Multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

Let’s put it to good use in Multiplayer, with a focus on the larger battles found in Combined Arms or any of the 40-player modes in Black Ops Cold War:

Primary: High Stakes

Secondary: Cleanup Crew Assault Rifle Blueprint (unlocked at Tier 24 of the Season Four Battle Pass)

Perks: Forward Intel, Paranoia, Quartermaster

Equipment: Molotov, Smoke Grenade

Field Upgrade: Trophy System

Wildcard: Law Breaker

The “High Stakes” LMG is designed for heavy continuous fire using the STANAG 150 Round attachment, making it the perfect weapon for mowing down enemy squads in 40-player modes. Its 2.3x magnification thermal Optic provides great versatility at range, and using the SWAT 5mW Laser Sight, you can even hip-fire with some accuracy in a pinch. And don’t neglect to fire away at enemy vehicles, too, as the 17.5” Cavalry Lancer boosts the LMG’s vehicle damage by 100%.

Use Law Breaker to equip the “Cleanup Crew” Weapon Blueprint or any assault rifle of choice. An LMG can be too slow to handle in some fights, and this gives you a powerful secondary in those situations. For equipment, the Smoke Grenade always pairs well with a thermal sight, and the Molotov lets you momentarily shut down critical areas. When defending an area, you can never go wrong with the Trophy System.

Using Law Breaker, pick Forward Intel and Paranoia from Perk 1 and Quartermaster from Perk 2. The Perk 1 choices provide excellent awareness with a bigger mini-map and alerts when enemies target your Operator, respectively. With Quartermaster, you don’t have to be shy about using Equipment, so lob away.

Attachment Advice for Multiplayer

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, let’s break down the different attachment categories and what you should consider when outfitting the MG 82 in Multiplayer:

Optic: The Optics here mostly fall in the 2x–4x range, so first determine where in the midrange you expect to encounter most of your fights, and don’t hesitate to change it up for different maps and situations. If you’re fighting up close, consider sticking to the iron sights and saving an attachment.

Muzzle: In large-scale fights, especially in outdoor locations, muzzle-flash concealment can save you vital seconds before the enemy spots your location. To avoid taking any penalties, we suggest the Flash Guard 5.56.

Barrel: There’s a lot of versatility here. Improve your shooting move speed for better evasion while firing or opt for a greater effective damage range if you plan on fighting from far out. Support-minded players should consider the 17.5” Cavalry Lancer for an anti-vehicle damage boost.

Body: With this weapon’s hefty ammo pool and fast fire rate, you can get in some decent hip-fire attacks using some of the attachments here. When positioned at long range, try the SOF Target Designator to spot enemies farther out.  

Underbarrel: The Foregrip, Field Agent Grip, and SFOD Speedgrip are all solid choices for improved recoil control, with minimal penalties in the latter two. If the gun kicks too much for your liking, try one of these.

Magazine: Holding 100 rounds at a minimum, the MG 82 is just fine with its basic Magazine. If the slow reload times are getting to you, try the 125 Rnd Speed Mag or Vandal Speed Loader.

Handle: Speed Tape is a good first choice, helping to counter the weapon’s slow aim speed. Try the Serpent Wrap for an even bigger boost once you’ve leveled the weapon up a bit, or even the Airborne Elastic Wrap if you don’t mind the penalty to shooting move speed.

Stock: Give your Aiming Movement Speed a welcome boost with the Tactical Stock, and if you don’t mind poor hip-fire accuracy, upgrade to the SAS Combat Stock to put some real zest in your step.

Attachment Advice for Zombies

The MG 82 tears up the undead in Zombies, and it’s well worth upgrading the Light Machine Gun weapon class with Aetherium Crystals to benefit from the associated critical and armor penetration bonus damage. You’ll also gain access to all eight attachments. With these upgrades, you’ll mow down not only the horde but the beefier enemies, too.

Here are some attachment suggestions when playing Zombies:

Barrel: Get in those weapon levels and strive for the 16.4” Task Force, offering a major boost to your damage output with +10% damage, +100% effective damage range, and +38% bullet velocity. Sure, your ammo capacity takes a slight hit in exchange, but you’re still rocking 93 rounds per magazine.

Body: Hip-fire accuracy takes on greater significance in Zombies, so it’s worth picking up the Steady Aim Laser or SWAT 5mw Laser Sight, especially in Outbreak, where you’re often defending objectives in tight spaces.

Magazine: The more ammo the better, and because reload times and Aim Down Sight speed isn’t as critical in Zombies, go for the bigger magazines like the STANAG 150 Rnd and Salvo 150 Rnd Fast Mag.

Attachment Advice for Warzone

In Warzone, the MG 82 is fit to take on even the most heavily armored enemy Operators. It’s also a great weapon for squadmates who like to spread out from their team to offer supporting crossfire. Consider the following when incorporating the MG 82 into your Warzone loadouts:

Optic: It’s important to hit the right balance between ranged precision and target acquisition in closer fights. Try a 3x magnification Optic to start with, giving you flexibility all over the mid-range, and then adjust as needed.

Muzzle: For a loud, long-range weapon like the MG 82, it’s worth keeping the Agency Suppressor in your sights, unlocked at weapon level 46. You’ll benefit greatly from its sound suppression, greater bullet velocity, effective damage range, and recoil control.

Underbarrel: The Field Agent Grip improves recoil control all around; this is especially effective when firing from longer distances. It will help you maintain longer bursts before losing your target, making it a highly valuable attachment at all ranges.

Ammunition: You’ve got plenty of ammo, but you’re at your most vulnerable while reloading. Consider Fast Mag to quicken the pace without incurring any penalties.

However you outfit the MG 82, one thing is certain: you’re bound to bring a whole lot of hurt to the enemy.


Execute the mission.

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