Introducing the “Pursuit” Event in Season 2 of Call of Duty®: Mobile

Gain command over your own Special Ops soldier. Send them out on operations and level their strength to ensure they return with the best new rewards.

by Daniel Noel on March 24, 2021

As Season 2 – Day of Reckoning continues, you’ll need all the help you can get if you hope to survive this thing. After Season 2 goes live on March 26 UTC, the “Pursuit” event will give you the chance to command your own Special Ops soldier in the fight against Cordis Die.

Joining new maps like Shoot House and Shipment, new weapons like the AS VAL and SP-R 208, and lot whole lot more in Season 2, Pursuit challenges players to train the best soldier they can and reap new rewards in the process.

Read on for an overview of the event, including tips for strengthening your soldier and earning the best rewards.


In Pursuit, each player is given command over their own Warrior class Special Ops soldier. Send your fighter out on operations for the chance to acquire any of the displayed event rewards, including the Epic Type 25 - Sanguine weapon Blueprint.

Earn XP to strengthen your warrior just by playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches. As your soldier grows stronger, their chances of returning with better items improves. Additionally, you can increase the odds by using the Vagabond Weapon set! Playing matches with this weapon set equipped from the Urbanite Draw (available until 4/1 UTC) increases Warrior XP earned by 50%.

5 Tips to Win the Pursuit

5. Get Active in Season 2. Since playing Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches is all that’s required to earn XP for your soldier, go check out everything Season 2 has to offer, like Shipment and Shoot House, as well as new Battle Royale modes, Gunfight: Sniper, and more.

4. Minimize Downtime. Send out your soldier as often as possible to better your chances at acquiring the best items. Once their cooldown period resets, strengthen them with whatever XP you’ve earned and then send them back out for the next item.

3. Train Them Up… Preparing and training for the next assignment takes time. As your soldier rests between operations, play Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches to acquire Warrior XP that can be used to strengthen your ally in the next run.

2. …And Max Them Out. Raise your soldier to max level to unlock the Special Ops 1 – Pitch Black operator for use in Multiplayer and Battle Royale as a lasting reminder of their devotion.

1. Work on Seasonal Challenges. Check out the latest challenges to see what else you can work on while earning XP for your soldier. Test your skills with assault rifles in the seven-part Rifle Steamroller challenge. Unlock the Epic KN-44 – Golden Talon Blueprint for your efforts, and get a massive Battle Pass XP payout by completing the five-part Pyrotechnics challenge. Check back often for new Seasonal Challenges and rewards.

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