Weekend Warfare Home

Upgrade your weekend with 2XP

Weekend Warfare Home

Upgrade your weekend with 2XP

You work hard, everybody does. Weeks feel too long and weekends too short. Whether you’re in school, have a Monday-Friday job, work nights, weekends, both or all three, you deserve a little somethin’ extra to kick back with. It’s with that in mind we present Weekend Warfare. It’s the weekly, weekend 2XP playlist. Each week, we’ll pick a new mode, rev-up the 2XP engine and get it going from Friday through Monday morning. It could be Soldier XP, Division XP, Weapon XP, or all three at once. That’s all up to Clarence, the XP Machine.

To keep you abreast of each Weekend Warfare, this hub will be updated every Friday with the current weekend’s playlist and a post detailing the mode. The content of that post will vary: sometimes it’ll be a deep-dive into the nuances of the mode, general tips, loadout suggestions, impressive gameplay videos from the community or something else entirely.

Regardless, keep checking back every Friday for info and tips on the upcoming weekend’s Weekend Warfare.

6/15 - Relic of the Undead 3x2XP

6/08 - Hordepoint 3x2XP

6/01 - Infected 3x2XP













5/25 - Valkyrie Moshpit 3x2XP

5/18 - Ground War: War, Moshpit & Hardcore Moshpit

5/11 - Basic Training Moshpit


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