Basic Training Throwback Mode

When nostalgia calls, you pick up the phone.

Basic Training Throwback Mode

When nostalgia calls, you pick up the phone.

Weekend Warfare isn’t just about popping existing modes into a 2XP playlist, it’s also a place for new modes to get some shine and flourish. That shine is exactly what Throwback Mode is all about. If you’re relatively new to the Call of Duty® franchise, this mode is simply a mosh pit of Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed and Domination with series of new, available Basic Trainings. For those of you who were alive and gaming in 2009, these throwback Basic Trainings will look familiar: they were Perks in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

That’s right. Call of Duty: WWII is throwin’ it all the way back to nine years ago with seven new Basic Trainings based on MW2 Perks. What do modern perks have to offer a soldier in 1944? That’s for you and your team to figure out. But, we’ll give you all the details you need to make educated loadout choices. Here’s basics of the new Basics:

Commando Pro

You’ll melee faster and with increased range with this one. You also won’t take any falling damage, so, your escape from high places will appear even more daring than usual. Anybody within your reach will be in serious trouble.

Danger Close

The world’s much more complicated than sweeping, broad generalizations so, we can’t say three is always better than two. But, when Danger Close gives you three Frag Grenades that deal extra damage, three is better than two. That’s just facts.

Double Tap

Rapid Fire is a nice attachment but what if you really want that Grip or Extended Mag instead? Equip Double Tap and get greatly increased rate of fire on all your weapons and, as a bonus, you’ll get significantly improved hip-fire accuracy.


This one gives you extra health. Extra health makes it harder for enemies to kill you. Sounds helpful, right? It is. It really is.


Ever die and you’re mad because you were thiiiiis close to killing the guy who killed you? Well, Martyrdom means you won’t die in vain because you’ll drop a grenade each time you die. As a bonus, your fuses on explosives when you’re alive will be shorter. If you’re hankerin’ for grenade kills, Martyrdom deserves a good look.

Stopping Power

This one is exactly what the name says, increased bullet damage. Near misses and close gunfights will swing to Near Death Kill medals with Stopping Power. Fewer bullets needed. Quicker time to kill.

Stun x3

Be the #1 Stunner and shine all summer with three British No. 69 Concussion Grenades and immunity from Shell Shock and Tactical Equipment. Dazed opponents make for weak competition. You’ve got three of ‘em, so you’ve got a chance to make quite a few enemies weaker.

This is what you’re dealing with in Throwback. It’s a chance to relive some of the Perk-related glory of 2009 while earning 2XP from 5/10 at 10 AM PT through 5/14 at 10 AM PT. It’s the weekend. It’s live. It’s this week’s Weekend Warfare. Suit up and get out there.


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