Resistance Recon Goes To War: Operation Intercept

July. 1944. St. Lo, France. The Germans have captured Resistance fighters. The Allies launch a rescue mission called Operation Intercept.

Resistance Recon Goes To War: Operation Intercept

July. 1944. St. Lo, France. The Germans have captured Resistance fighters. The Allies launch a rescue mission called Operation Intercept.

We’re pleased to present a gritty, all-new mission to add to your War Mode playlists. As we take you through Operation Intercept, remember that all of these tips are secondary to good communication, so throw on those headsets, make nice with your teammates and let’s take a trip to 1944.


Part I – The prisoners are locked in two different buildings: ‘A’ and ‘B’. Each objective has three steps: unlock the door, free one prisoner, then the other one.
• When making your way to the objective, the easiest way is often through the Middle Building. Once you make it through there, you’re a few steps away from both buildings.  The other two paths leave you open to sniper fire from A or a hail of mounted LMG bullets from ‘B’.
• A mix of rushers (think SMGs and Shotguns) and suppressers (LMGs, Snipers and longer-range Rifles) make the more direct, open paths go much easier. Pick a building for your team to focus efforts on and those prisoners will be rubbing their newly-freed wrists and thanking you with a hushed “Vive la Résistance.”
• Smoke Grenades. Want to run through the Cratered Building in front of B? Smoke covers your path. Need to sneak by posted-up defenders guarding the prisoners? Smoke that room. Smoke is your friend. Let your teammates know when you use it to maximize each cloud you conjure..
• Level II Resistance Division scrambles your enemies’ mini-map and in an operation like this, it’s as good for your team as it is for you individually. Why? Even though the prisoners are on the second floor of B, simply hanging around the bottom floor will scramble the mini-maps of enemies defending on the second floor, sending them into a panic and making your assault just a little bit easier.
• If you’ve unlocked the door at ‘B’, enemies tend to camp out inside that room with the captives. Take a look to the right of the door towards the ceiling. There’s a hole in the wall that’ll let you toss in a grenade without exposing yourself.
• There’s a similar hole towards the ceiling at ‘A’. If you suspect enemies are inside the room, grenade ‘em.


Part II – There are 25 radios scattered throughout two floors of a Bar. Destroy them all to keep your enemy from calling in reinforcements.
You can destroy most of the equipment upstairs without even setting foot inside the Bar. With the FMJ attachment on your LMG, you can wipe out almost all of the upstairs equipment by shooting through the wall from the relative safety of the 2nd floor window across the street. Almost every other piece of equipment can be destroyed simply by approaching a window and getting the right angles.
For the radios you can’t disable from outside, there are five ways into the Bar: four into the bottom floor and one into the top. This is a 6v6 game. It’s almost impossible to protect every entrance. Probe for weak points and exploit the areas the enemy can’t cover.
25 radios is a lot and you also need ammo to kill enemies. So, here’s a bit of advice: those small radios you see on tables and counters? Two weapon melees will destroy them. No need to swap to a Combat Knife or waste bullets shooting it. Just two taps, they’re gone and you’ve got your Primary at the ready with all your ammo.
• The radios in the back of the Bar are usually the last ones remaining. Head for the 2nd floor and make it rain grenades in that back corner. You’ll damage the equipment and probably wipe out a few enemies at the same time. The Concussed Basic Training, which lets you carry two Lethals and one Tactical, pairs well with any Division in this situation.


Part III – Escort the tank through the train yard and stop the train before it leaves. 
• Use the multiple mini-flank routes along the tank’s path. You’ll go through open train cars and end up engaging enemies before they can reach the tank. This’ll force your opponents to protect multiple lanes instead of just focusing on the tank. 

• Grenades. Both Lethals and Smokes are crucial here. Huck ‘em where you know the enemy will be waiting for you and expect them to do the same. Smokes are as close to necessary as it gets for completing this section. Throw them in front of the tank. Throw them in front of their flanking paths. Throw them at the two MG nests at the very end. You can’t use them enough.
• The tank’s path to the train isn’t wide and snakes around tight corners. This makes the tank turret a much more viable option than creeping alongside. You don’t have to have to protect yourself from every possible angle. With only a few places enemies can approach you from, aim at those areas and be quick with your trigger. But, be quick to pop back out once the enemy knows you’re up there.
• Once you turn the last corner, you can see the train tracks. You’ll find two MG nests in front of you, another perched to your left and a railcar full of enemies to your right. It’s chaos and every extra percent of progress helps. So, if all else fails, go prone behind the tank and wait for your teammates to join you. Also, smoke grenades.
• Make sure you have a team member with an LMG or some sort of ranged Rifle posted up on the mantle, behind the wall. It’s a protected angle from which to pick off enemies filtering through the train car to the right of the tank path.


Part I – Keep the Allies from releasing the prisoners.
• Build all the walls you can. At very least, it forces the enemy to burn a few seconds blowing them up. It’ll also alert you to where they’re coming from.
• Take advantage of the MG nest in A. There’s hardly any damage falloff so, it’s as lethal at 100 yards as it is at .100 yards.
• Once you get down to only one building, have a teammate protect the Arch between A and B. You’ll have ample cover and you can protect an entire half of the approach options.
• If the enemy has the door to the prisoners opened but hasn’t freed the captives yet, you can wait for them inside. When you do, Level IV Armored Division protects you from most of the grenades they’ll surely toss your way. Once the grenades don’t take you out, they’ll have to rush in and play right into your hands.
• Posting up behind the stairs in B allows you to stop potential assaults before they can begin. You have a clear sight of enemies trying to head to the second floor. If you’ve been searching for Merciless Medals (10 kills without dying), your search is over.


Part II – Protect your radio equipment. 
• The MG nest built into the window could not be placed better. Pick off enemies as they stream from their spawn and you’ll frustrate them enough to alter their strategy and expose themselves to your teammates' sights.
• The top of the stairs is a fantastic place to defend the Bar. You have a view of the lone 2nd floor entrance and you can easily whip around and defend the equipment in the back room on the 1st floor.
• Enemies will try to attack from the street to the right side of the Bar. Do your part and protect your radios from getting flanked.
• You can repair the large radios if they’re damaged but not if they’ve been destroyed. All you need is one radio left to win. So, repair the big boys when you can.
• Pushing out into the courtyard to rush your opponents is a high risk/high reward strategy, but one to consider. At best, the other team will never sniff the Bar. But, if they make it through you, your equipment will be undefended for a bit while you respawn and hustle to rejoin the action. At minimum, you should at least slow them down from streaming easily into the Bar.


Part III – Don’t let the tank reach the departing train.
• You’ll find several chokepoints along the tank’s path. Take full advantage of them by holding up the tank in these areas as long as possible. These bends of the road limit the enemy’s options for how to approach. It funnels them into a single area.
• Just like when you’re attacking, grenades are your friend. You’ll see the tank’s location. Let loose those lethal grenades before the enemy has a chance to see you. And, smokes? Throw them behind the tank so enemies can’t shoot you until they’re right up next to the tank.
• The final 25% of the tank’s progress is surrounded by three MG nests. Enemies only have two paths to get to you: the tank’s path and scaling a wall to the right of that path. Coordinate with teammates. Cover both areas. They won’t stand a chance.
• Enemies will spam this area with grenades. Equipping Level IV Armored Division or the Hunker Basic Training protects you from most explosive damage. That way you can take a grenade and keep firing.

Operation Intercept makes for a fantastic addition to the War Mode experience roster. It combines intense fighting with strategy in a way that makes each victory immensely satisfying. Armed with these tips and, of course, plenty of teamwork, you’re sure to enjoy your mission of liberating Resistance members. Or keeping them locked-up. Whichever side you’re on.

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