Quartermaster Comms Vol.1

Are you looking for specialty equipment that will help set you apart on the field of battle?

Quartermaster Comms Vol.1

Are you looking for specialty equipment that will help set you apart on the field of battle?

Welcome to the Quartermaster Comms, courtesy of Corporal Green, your keeper of Collections and Contracts. In this weekly article, we’ll be featuring different pieces of gear you can acquire and Contracts you can chase. This week we’ll give you a brief rundown of what we’ll be covering and a couple hot tips for you.



The chief responsibility of the Quartermaster is to supervise Collections. These gear sets are made up of weapons, calling cards, uniforms and other items that you can purchase with Armory Credits or get through Supply Drops. Once you complete a Collection, you’ll unlock the Collection Reward, a specialty piece of equipment that will help set you apart on the field of battle. Check out our picks of the week for some of our favorite items:



Royal Highland Regiment

Inspired by the brave fighting forces of Canadian-Scottish Regiments, this Expeditionary uniform represents the strong, stalwart soldiers of the various Highland units that made sure their uniforms made as much of an impact on the battlefield as their ferocity did. Unlock this uniform and you can adopt the nickname, “The Tartan Wearing Spartan.”



Shack Man

The beautiful thing about Epic weapons is that they’re just that: beautiful. When you get to the point where you’re toting an Epic variant of the SVT-40, domination of an enemy becomes a statement of personal style. If you’re looking for something that looks as sharp as your shooting, then the Shack Man should do the trick, because getting your enemy’s goat is best done with a with a gleaming golden gun.




If you like a challenge and don’t mind betting a few Armory Credits on yourself, then you’ll definitely be interested in Contracts. These are timed, in-match challenges whose price and reward vary depending on the Contract’s difficulty. Rewards typically come in the form of XP or Supply Drops. Frequently completing Contracts can accelerate your race to Prestige and boost your stores of gear. Each week we’ll give a rundown on new Contracts and tips on how to fulfill them. This week’s tip: 


Choose Your Mode Wisely

Some Contracts are mode specific and straightforward, like ’Get 55 Kills in War in 10 Minutes’. Pretty easy to figure out how to complete that one: jump in a War Mode match and lay on the trigger until that barrel starts glowing red. But, mode-agnostic Contracts, like ‘Get 100 Kills in Any Mode in 40 minutes’ can leave you wondering what the most efficient path to success is. Your instinct might be to hit Team Deathmatch and let the lead fly, but think before you act: that’s basically 4 25-kill TDM matches - no small feat. Instead, try focusing on game modes that don’t require you to go searching for opponents, like War, Domination and Hardpoint. These objective-based modes funnel action to specific points on the map so you won’t waste precious Contract time searching for a firefight. The more skirmishes you find per minute, the more likely you are to rack up the stats you need to collect that sweet, sweet reward.


And that’s it for this week. Head to the Quartermaster next time you’re in game, pick yourself out something nice from the Collections and give yourself some extra incentive to kick ass with a Contract. You won’t regret it. Stay tuned to your email inbox for the next installment of the Quartermaster Comms. Until then, good luck out there, soldier. 

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