Christmas in July: Winter Siege Collections Are Back

Surprise! Time to snatch the winter wonders you missed in Decembe

Christmas in July: Winter Siege Collections Are Back

Surprise! Time to snatch the winter wonders you missed in Decembe

Missing out on fun stinks. Not just because your mind immediately thinks about the fun you aren’t having, but because there’s often the real possibility that you’ll never get the chance to have that fun again. Luckily, for those of you who missed out on Winter Siege Collections, the fun’s back.

It’s Christmas in July at the Quartermaster because we’ve opened up the Winter Siege Collections for you to complete and collect the Collection Rewards you may have missed. Here’s all the good stuff you may have missed during the winter.

Sten – Epic ‘Royal Skull’
Captain Butcher brought the STENs with him and these babies look clean as hell. Like Captain Butcher himself, the STEN embodies England’s finest qualities: tough, reliable and resilient. Butcher’s upper lip is stiffer than most and the STEN is no different. The ‘Royal Skull’ Epic variant comes with diagonal black and white stripes across the foregrip and a gold barrel making for a striking SMG. Toss in 10% Bonus XP and you’ve got yourself a lightweight, side-loading beast of a weapon. If you’re looking for a new SMG to suit your short-range needs, your search is over.


Ice Pick – Epic ‘Gold Digger’

Unless you have a bayonet affixed to your rifle, a melee weapon is the only way to get one hit hand-to-hand kills. And, you could do a hell of a lot worse than the Epic ‘Gold Digger’. Sure, you could pick at a block of ice and mix yourself a cocktail, but when you’re running around the trenches of Pointe du Hoc, there are more effective and deadly ways to put that thing to use. The Gold Digger also packs 10% Bonus XP. So, pick up your Ice Pick and lay waste with your Winter melee.



Gewehr 43 – Epic ‘Chiller’

Looking for a Rifle that fits right in among the wind-swept snow drifts of Ardennes Forest, Gustav Cannon or Operation Griffin? Look no further than the Gewehr 43 ‘Chiller’, the winter variant of the game’s newest Rifle. Wrapped from the base of the foregrip to the top of the barrel and blasted with snow, this cold-as-ice Rifle will make you as stealthy as a snow leopard. The Chiller provides accuracy, range and a high fire-rate. Throw in a 10% XP boost and ‘Chiller’ is a semi-auto Collection Item that you can’t miss.



Trench Knife – ‘Screwed Up’

Outside of the Rifle Bayonet, you aren’t getting one hit melee kills. So, why not equip yourself a melee secondary? A shovel? Sure. But, you need a weapon that does the job and looks the part. With that, we present the Epic ‘Screwed Up’. This Trench Knife variant earns its name from the devastating effect it has on it’s victims. With a frosted finish, sharp angles and a serrated handle for smashing, this thing is fit for any loadout in need of quick, lethal stabs. See someone sniping from the barn on Gustav Cannon? Sneak up behind ‘em, pull out that Trench Knife and put it to silent, deadly use.


Mountain Division – Russian Winter Epic ‘Solstice Regiment’

Winter in northern climates is rough. But, winter in Russia? Doesn’t get much rougher than that. Thankfully, the Mountain Division has the Russian Winter Trench Coat, most notably the Epic Solstice Regiment variant. This ghost grey coat complete with white fur collar will not only help you blend in with your wintery surroundings, you’ll look ***** good doing it. Unlock this Collection Reward and you’ll be picking off enemies from a distance in style.

GPMG – Epic ‘Hand Warmer’

When you think of an LMG, “massive fire-rate” probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But, that’s only because you haven’t gotten to know the GPMG. Described in-game simply as ‘most versatile in class’, the Hand Warmer variant is as deadly as it is good to look at. Take the Damage of an LMG and combine it with the Fire Rate of an SMG, factor in the 10% Bonus XP and the GPMG is a unique best in a category of its own. But this beauty is not without its flaws: that high Fire Rate makes this baby jump around like crazy, taking Accuracy down a peg or two. Still, with its gorgeous design and fine-crafting from stock to barrel, your enemies won’t just be wondering how you killed them, they’ll want to know where you got that gun.

Armored Division – British Royal Navy Epic ‘3rd Northumbrian’

If you think the winter cold is too much, try it when you’re out on the open seas in a boat. That’s what the British Navy Officers were tasked with and that’s why the Epic 3rd Northumbrian Uniform fits every winter need. Outfitted with thick wool, the ‘R N’ staple of Her Majesty’s Navy and a pair of binoculars the size of Sherman tank, you’ll look the part of North England’s fightin’ 3rd. Pro tip: pairs well with the Ushanka for an extremely Winter-lookin’ soldier.

Airborne Division – Polish Winter Epic ‘Narew’

When charging through the snow with the elite athleticism of the Airborne, it’s not a bad idea to keep your legs free of tightly-cinched coats. Fortunately, the Narew provides a thick winter coat to keep you warm in the harsh winters of northern Europe, but open enough to keep your legs motoring faster than those plodding Armored Division lugs. The accompanying cap, however, is tightly affixed to your dome like an era-appropriate football helmet to keep the heat where it belongs: in your body and in your Molotovs.

Infantry Division – US Winter Epic ‘Flurry Regiment’

The Flurry Regiment reminds us all that ‘frosted tips’ doesn’t have to conjure up an image of embarrassing cultural trends of the late 1990’s. The frosted tips of the top half of this uniform depict a battle-hardened infantryman. Wrapped up from head to toe underneath a sharp military green coat, you’ll stay warm enough to make use of those extra rounds affixed to your left chest.

These Collection Rewards won’t be unlocked forever. So, be sure to get in there and get all the gear you’ve been longingly eyeing all these months before they go back to lockup on July 23rdat 10 AM PT. It’s Summer Christmas and there’s more than just a Sten under the tree.

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