Quartermaster Comms Vol.4

With all this gear, you’ll be ready to take the fight to snowy French forests, frigid Russia or even the Arctic Circle.

by Call of Duty Staff on December 28, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Quartermaster Comms. This week, Captain Butcher keeps the winter gear train rolling with another free Winter Siege Supply Drop to add to your stash. In this edition of the Comms, we’ve got a Rifle, a melee weapon and a uniform all specifically designed for the winter months.


Primary - Gewehr 43 'Chiller'

Looking for a Rifle that fits right in among the wind-swept snow drifts of Ardennes Forest, Gustav Cannon or Operation Griffin? Look no further than the Gewehr 43 ‘Chiller’, the winter variant of the game’s newest Rifle. Wrapped from the base of the foregrip to the top of the barrel and blasted with snow, this cold-as-ice Rifle will make you as stealthy as a snow leopard. The Chiller provides accuracy, range and a high fire-rate. Throw in a 10% XP boost and ‘Chiller’ is a semi-auto Collection Item that you can’t miss.


Melee - Trench Knife 'Teeth Grinder II'

Outside of the Infantry Division, you aren’t getting one hit melee kills. So, why not equip yourself a melee secondary? A shovel? Sure. But, you need a weapon that does the job and looks the part. With that, we present the ‘Teeth Grinder II’. This Heroic variant of the all-new Trench Knife isn’t named ‘Teeth Grinder’ just for kicks. With a clean finish, sharp angles and a serrated handle for smashing, the Teeth Grinder II lives up to its moniker. See someone sniping from the barn on Gustav Cannon? Sneak up behind ‘em, pull out that Teeth Grinder II and put it to silent, deadly use.


Uniform - Solstice Regiment, Mountain Division

Winter in northern climates is rough. But, winter in Russia? Doesn’t get much rougher than that. Thankfully, the Mountain Division has the Russian Winter Trench Coat, most notably the Epic Solstice Regiment variant. This ghost grey coat complete with white fur collar will not only help you blend in with your wintery surroundings, you’ll look ***** good doing it. Unlock this Collection Reward and you’ll be picking off enemies from a distance in style.



That’s it for this week’s Quartermaster Comms. Captain Butcher’s a stickler for routine, so be on the lookout for another edition next week highlighting the best of Winter Siege. And, if you like your gear in bunches, the Captain has the 10+2 Topper Bundle from 10AM PST December 15 to 10 AM PST December 22. That’s 10 Winter Siege Supply Drops with 2 Rare Supply Drops for your winter warfighting pleasure. With all that gear, you’ll be ready to take the fight to snowy French forests, frigid Russia or even the Arctic Circle.


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