Defend The Hordepoint

We put the horde in Hardpoint

Defend The Hordepoint

We put the horde in Hardpoint

Defending a rotating series of areas for 60 seconds at a time is the basis of Hardpoint. But, this week's Weekend Warfare is a little bit more than that.

Contrary to what several people thought when they first read about it, Hordepoint isn’t a phonetic spelling of a shirtless bro stupidly pronouncing ‘Hardpoint’. It’s the latest game mode to make its way into Call of Duty®: WWII for the Attack of the Undead Community Event. It’s all the frenetic, tactical Hardpoint madness you love, but with a zombie twist.


Zombies, Stand Up

The zombie twist is that there are zombies. That you fight. In Multiplayer. Underneath each Hardpoint are bunches of zombies waiting for a team to take control of the point. Once that happens, they not only have to defend the Hardpoint from the opposition, they have to fend off the hordes rising from the ground. Every few seconds, a new batch of zombies will rise up, one-by-one. It can feel overwhelming but, the upside here is that your team gets bonus points for every zombie they kill on the Hardpoint. It’s not easy and, if you don’t take care of them quickly, they can overwhelm you. Fortunately, there are plenty of options for you to take care of the MP hordes.


‘Streaks Of Fire

If you know anything about zombies, you know they really hate fire. We haven’t asked them why, but we’re pretty sure it’s because it’s so good at killing them. That’s why your streaks are limited to Recon Aircraft and fire-based Scorestreaks: Molotov Cocktails, the Flamethrower, and, if you’re running Blitzkrieg Basic Training that grants you a 4th streak, a Fire Bombing Run. Because of the additional damage fire does to the undead, unlocking these Scorestreaks is crucial. We weren’t kidding about fire being good at killing zombies. Fire is one of your best defenses against them in Hordepoint because the undead require more bullets to kill than opposing players do. The flames of these streaks make quick work of the zombies popping up from the point your team is capturing. So, when you get the chance to light it up with fiery streaks, smash that streak button and watch your team’s point total blast off.


Melee The Monsters

If you’re someone who usually rolls with a Pistol or Launcher as your Secondary, Hordepoint is a perfect opportunity to switch it up. You know how fire is excellent at killing zombies? There’s another thing that does a bang-up job of it, too: Melee weapons. Despite their increased health, a Melee will still deliver one-hit kills to all those Hordepoint-spawning undead dingdongs. We’d recommend the newest Melees – one’s an axe, the other is a sword – they’re no stronger than the others, they just feel extremely appropriate when fending off the creeping undead. Swapping back and forth from your Primary to your Secondary is a good habit to acquire, as it’ll get you out of tight spots when your weapon needs a reload and there’s an enemy all up in your face. So, use these staggering creepers as an excuse to swap from picking off on-coming attackers one minute to slicing up zombies with the Claymore the next. It’s good, clean, wholesome fun that the whole family (who are 17 and older) can enjoy.


Dive into Hordepoint now through the end of Attack of the Undead event on June 26th  and you’ll get 2XP for your honorable quest to smash the zombies creeping on your Hordepoint. It’s an exciting take on one of Call of Duty’s most popular game modes, and you get to kill zombies which is never not a good time. Whether you’re torchin’ em’, meleein’ ‘em or regular old shootin’ ‘em in the chest, defend your Hordepoint and reap some sweet, sweet 2XP.

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