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Call of Duty®: Mobile Celebrates its second anniversary with a Major Update in Season 8

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Celebrate Call of Duty: Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary with this huge Season 8 update, featuring the new Blackout Battle Royale map, a new single-player experience, new items and events, a brand-new Battle Pass, and more.

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Call of Duty®: Mobile Celebrates its second anniversary with a Major Update in Season 8

  • CODM

Celebrate Call of Duty: Mobile’s 2nd Anniversary with this huge Season 8 update, featuring the new Blackout Battle Royale map, a new single-player experience, new items and events, a brand-new Battle Pass, and more.

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Happy Second Year Anniversary to the Call of Duty: Mobile community! It’s been a wild ride, and throughout it all, our game and community have continued to grow, with the app being downloaded more than 500 million times since launch. To celebrate this major milestone, we’re bringing all kinds of goodies and surprises to the upcoming season. New Battle Royale map? Check. New single-player experience? Check. Major upgrades, events, and other anniversary content? Check.   

2nd Anniversary is our eighth season, and it’s going live on September 22 at 5 PM PT. Here’s what you need to know:   

Battle Royale 2.0 Update: New Blackout Map, Health System, and More

2nd Anniversary is bringing substantial upgrades to the Battle Royale experience, starting with the arrival of Blackout. The original Battle Royale map that players first experienced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 is coming to mobile, including all its later additions like Hijacked and Nuketown.

The Battle Royale health system is changing, too. Instead of looting health-restoring items on the map, players will now regenerate their health over time, with armor providing additional health points. Armor now comes in three varieties: Armor Repair, Advanced Armor Repair, and Kinetic Armor Overcharger, each providing more armor than the last.

Improved Visuals, Looting System, and NPC Missions

Expect new and improved visuals throughout Battle Royale, as well as a new weapon-looting system. Players will no longer discover weapons of different rarity levels on the ground; instead, they will find base weapons with no attachments and then upgrade them with weapon attachments of various rarity levels. This gives you the chance to build out your weapons the way you want.       

Prepare for a new single-player experience, too! Take on the role of a captured soldier rescued by Captain Price during the retreat from Isolated. Engage in epic combat and link up with the rest of the UAC across Blackout.

Season 8 also revamps some of the core Battle Royale classes and adds improved vehicle handling and UI, along with other updates set to push Battle Royale to the next level. Stay tuned in-game for further notes and details when 2nd Anniversary launches.  

New Themed and 2nd Anniversary Events

We’re packing in three events to celebrate 2nd Anniversary, starting with the Counterattack Themed Event. This event introduces NPCs to Blackout, as players will search for and recruit characters scattered throughout the map. Complete a character’s mission to recruit them and earn the ability to send them out on assignments. Progress through the reward track as your recruited Operators bring back event points.

For those in a celebratory mood, participate in the Anniversary Cake Event. 2nd Anniversary balloons will be scattered throughout Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Pop them to earn resources, letters from the development team, and cake pieces. Build up the cake and earn rewards.

Lastly, bring 2nd Anniversary with you everywhere when you complete the new puzzle event. Earn tokens for in-game activities that can be traded for puzzle pieces. Complete the 2nd Anniversary–themed puzzle to download it to your phone, along with other rewards for participating. 

Earn New Rewards in the 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass

The epic confrontation between the UAC and Five Knights rages on, and the 2nd Anniversary Battle Pass is here to aid you in the field. It’s packed full of free and premium content, including new Operators, a new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, Call of Duty Points (CP), and more.

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Unlock the Lightning Strike Scorestreak at Tier 14 and mark your targets for destruction. At Tier 21, gain access to the new R9-0 functional weapon. Other free tier items include the ICR-1 – Infraggable, the Wingsuit - Broken Road, and more.

Premium Pass Tiers

Get the Battle Pass for the chance to earn all of the content available in the 2nd Anniversary stream. Take to the field as the infamous General Shepherd, along with Alias — Battleworn, Velikan — Volcanic Ash, and Price — Bravo 6. Get access to new Weapon Blueprints like the R9-0 — Master of Snakes, Holger 26 — Anodized, CR-56 AMAX — Tattered Shot, RUS-79U —Hard Spike, and the MK2 — Future Sharpshooter.

A More Streamlined App

As a part of our effort to make Call of Duty: Mobile more accessible, we've reduced the upcoming app download size by up to 61%! We've also added more options that allow you to choose what’s downloaded, like HD resources, maps, weapons, and operators.

Plus, experience a new and improved version of Crash, the most played Multiplayer map in Call of Duty: Mobile. Expect improved graphics, optimization, and a smaller file size in the app.

New Seasons of Content: Ranked Series and Clan Wars

2nd Anniversary brings new challenges and rewards in our Ranked Series and Clan Wars. Here’s what you can earn in Season 8:

Ranked Series Primary Rewards: 
Jump into a brand-new Ranked Series with more rewards to earn while climbing up the ranks! Ranks will be reset down a few tiers, but there will be more Epic rewards to earn like the Operator Scylla – Dark Quill in Battle Royale at Grandmaster IV and the weapon blueprint Hades – Piercing Hawk at Grandmaster IV in Multiplayer.

Clan Wars Primary Rewards:

Acquire the new Operator Farah – Jinn, who comes with new customization parts like a helmet, chest piece, and backpack. In addition, there is a new an Epic Weapon Blueprint to earn, the KN-44 – Silver Patriot.

New Draws, Mythic Weapon

2nd Anniversary adds more Draws for the chance to earn new Legendary Weapon Blueprints like the DL Q33 — Advanced Artillery and the R9-0 — Hopper, plus new Operator Skins like Nikto — Armored Sentry and Artery — Maiden of Death. And don’t miss out on our newest Mythic Weapon Blueprint, the M13 — Morningstar!

Additionally, there are more items coming later in the season through Seasonal Challenges, like the Iron Lungs Perk and the M13 assault rifle. Iron Lungs is a new Perk that helps prospective snipers hold their breath for an extra five seconds while aiming down the scope. The M13 assault rifle is a new functional weapon with a high fire rate and a strong headshot multiplier.

Get all this and more, including new Seasonal Challenges, app improvements, and more when 2nd Anniversary releases on September 22 at 5 PM PT.

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