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Introducing the “Fight for Humanity” Event, Now Live in Season 1 of Call of Duty®: Mobile

  • CODM

Pick your faction — Atlas Corporation or Cordis Die — and battle for control over territory. Earn points for your efforts and unlock new rewards!

Introducing the “Fight for Humanity” Event, Now Live in Season 1 of Call of Duty®: Mobile

  • CODM

Pick your faction — Atlas Corporation or Cordis Die — and battle for control over territory. Earn points for your efforts and unlock new rewards!

Season 1 is here for Call of Duty: Mobile, and the battle is already raging. In addition to a new original Multiplayer map, new game modes, new weapons, and more, New Order introduces the “Fight for Humanity” featured event. Pick a side, battle for territory, and earn rewards as you hit milestones along the way.

Read on for an overview of the event, including the tasks ahead, reward highlights, and tips for beating the opposition and taking control of the map.

Fight for Humanity

Welcome to New Order, a dystopian future of cyber-enhanced soldiers, neon lights, and the latest in high-tech weaponry. Check your neutrality at the door. It’s time to make your allegiance clear.

In the Fight for Humanity, there are two factions: Atlas Corporation and Cordis Die. Between them lies a map of 15 territories waiting to be conquered by the strongest faction. One territory at a time is open for the taking, for a period of 24 hours each.

Choose your faction and earn points toward capturing territory by completing tasks, with each territory offering a different challenge. The faction with the most points when a territory closes wins that territory.

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The Task at Hand, or How to Capture Territories

As you work on each territory’s unique task, you will earn both personal points and faction points. If your faction wins the day’s territory, you will earn a bonus toward your personal points, helping you to reach higher milestones and thus unlocking more rewards.

So what kinds of challenges might you run into? One territory might task you with getting kills in Battle Royale, while for another you’ll earn points for playing matches in the new 3v3 Gunfight or a featured playlist. The more you contribute, the more personal and faction points you’ll earn, helping yourself and your team in the process.

Check the event page and map regularly to see where your faction stands in the current territory, and keep up the fight.

Hit Milestones, Earn Rewards

Each faction offers its own unique rewards for hitting different milestones throughout the event, from new weapon Blueprints to charms and character skins.

Join the Atlas Corporation for the chance to unlock weapons and a character skin from the Nucleobase series, as well as the epic Cordite – Atlas Corporation8 Blueprint. Join Cordis Die for the chance to obtain weapons and a character skin in the Hard Tech series, plus the epic Cordite — Cordis Die Blueprint.

In addition, the largest contributors will earn leaderboard prizes like the Legendary Calling Card — Rupture or the ICR-1 — Cosmic Wave. And when it’s all said and done, all players in the winning faction will be able to show off their winner’s status with the epic ATV — Override vehicle skin.

5 Tips in the Fight for Humanity

5. Check In Often. A lot can happen in 24 hours, so don’t get complacent if your faction takes the lead (or falls behind) in the early and middle hours. Even late in the cycle, the most dedicated players can band together to alter the tide of battle, so check in regularly and keep earning points!

4. Compete and Improve Your Skillset. With tasks taking players all over Multiplayer and Battle Royale, the “Fight For Humanity” event is a great way to improve your overall skillset. Hone small-team tactics in Gunfight, improve your map knowledge in Battle Royale, and up your slaying abilities with kill challenges.

3. Join Your Friends. Get even more out of your matches by playing with friends on the same faction. Sure, you can pull a lot of weight on your own, but why not multiply your efforts — and your fun — with each completed map?

2. Keep Fighting, Even When You’re Down. Is your faction struggling? Don’t lose hope! You will still earn personal points for your contributions, which in turn help you reach milestone rewards no matter where your faction currently stands.

1. Have Fun! There’s nothing like a classic faction vs. faction brawl, and the “Fight For Humanity” event was made just for that. Pick your side, fight your hardest, and most important of all, have fun!

See you online.

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