The Shadowed Throne: Six Things to Do Before Wave 10

Bring your A-game to the brawl in Berlin.

The Shadowed Throne: Six Things to Do Before Wave 10

Bring your A-game to the brawl in Berlin.

Doktor Straub must not sleep, because he’s somehow found the time to perfect his evil plan – and boy does it show in his undereye bags.

While Marie, Drostan, Jefferson and Olivia fought along The Darkest Shore, eventually stowing away on one of Straub’s nefarious Zeppelins, our favorite demented scientist used that time to:

1. Clearly not moisturize,

2. Upgrade his Zeppelin

3. Create a new zombie mutation called the Sizzler: a regular zombie who becomes twice as fast, bloodthirsty and annoying when struck by Geistkraft energy

And so, that brings us to The Shadowed Throne – which opens with our heroes jumping from Straub’s Zeppelin into the city of Berlin.t’s undoubtedly the most challenging chapter of Nazi Zombies yet: not only do you need to solve puzzles, defeat zombies, and stop Straub, but you also need to complete a daring mission to warn Soviet Allies of the impending zombie-pocalypse.

Don’t hesitate to jump in now – it’s a must-play for any Call of Duty: WWII adventure fan – but for utmost success, you’ll need to be prepared. Use these six tips before Wave 10, and you’ll be saving Berlin before you can say “I am a jelly doughnut.”

1. Talk to Your Teammates
Nazi Zombies is dependent on teamwork – and headsets. While you wait for everyone to Ready Up, coordinate a plan of attack with your teammates so you all begin with the same objectives in mind. Does your team want to tackle the Easter Egg? Do they know how to unlock the Ubersprengen upgrade machine (do you)? No matter what, just figure it out first to keep everyone’s rage-quit ceiling as high as Doktor Straub’s opinion of himself.

2. Take Notes
Okay, it’s not homework. But it is a super-intriguing mystery with tons of clues scattered across the map – clues you’ll need to use to save your Russian Allies and clear zombies from Berlin. So, rather than running back and forth across the city trying to solve puzzles while evading increasingly stronger Waves of undead Nazis, grab a pen and paper before you build your loadout – there’s a lot going on. 

For instance, you need to remember codes to unlock two different radios – one of such radios calls the Russians to help you, which is a necessary step to finishing The Shadowed Throne alive. But in true Nazi Zombies form, these codes aren’t located where you think they’d be. You need to find them, remember them and then consult two charts to translate the right code into the right radio frequency… in an entirely separate location from the radios. You see what we mean? Take notes. ‘Cause the puzzle might be a challenge, but the payoff in solving it is awesome.

3. Buy the Right Weapons
If you’re familiar with Nazi Zombies, you’ll already know that your Shovel comes in handy for the opening waves, when you can do a hard melee attack to scavenge extra Jolts, Ammo and Lethal Equipment – plus, you save on bullets. Why waste ‘em when the Zombies are slow?
However, by Wave 10 you’re going to need a better tool to keep ‘em at bay. The automatic rifle available by the Church entrance is perfect for mid-range, and a favorite for its high, even damage and fire rate. Pair this bad boy with the Gung Ho! Mod to fire while sprinting, and collect those Jolts on the move. 

4. Unlock All Locations
Not every door on the map has to be unlocked by Wave 10 – but by then, make sure you have access to all locations: the Main Street, Cabaret, Plaza, Apartments, Underbelly, Destroyed Building, Museum and Church. Some buildings have multiple doors, so learn the map and conserve your Jolts. You can easily weave between locales without going broke and opening every door.

5. Upgrade Your Weapon ASAP
The sooner you have access to the Ubersprengen (the weapon upgrade machine), the better. Nazi Zombies are more and more impervious to bullet damage with every new Wave, and if your rifle’s spent time on the upgrade table, Sizzlers won’t stand a chance. 
I can’t tell you exactly how to unlock it – the joy is in discovering it with your team– but I’ll give you a hint: go underground.

6. Keep an Open Mind
What happens if you press the interact button while looking at a tiny magnifying glass? That’s a strange place for a film canister – could you shoot it down? How ‘bout putting a Sticky Bomb on this weird Gas panel affixed to the ground?


The beauty of Nazi Zombies is its surprises – in the pieces of the game that seem illogical or out of place, until you realize nothing is there by accident. Before Wave 10, while you really have time to experiment, try pressing your interact button near random objects. Or – go ahead, shoot at stuff. You might pick up something that gets you closer to saving Berlin.

And if you’ve done all this by Wave 10, you’re ready to descend into the truly fascinating tale that is The Shadowed Throne. Packed with thrilling action and even more macabre mysteries, this feverish brawl in Berlin is the Nazi Zombies chapter we’ve all been anticipating.

With Zombies Contracts & Orders now live, there’s never been a better time to dive deep into the Nazi Zombies mysteries (and collect rewards while doing it). So, show ‘em how deadly the living can be. Get Season Pass or DLC Pack 2 and download The Shadowed Throne today. Jump in there!

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