Resistance: Division

Are you one of them? Fight for freedom. React to injustice. Resist.

Resistance: Division

Are you one of them? Fight for freedom. React to injustice. Resist.

Join the Resistance Division


Welcome to the Resistance Division. With so much of our homelands occupied by the enemy, we have no option but to fight them. We must disrupt and stop their war machine in its tracks. We break them through a calculated, relentless campaign of ongoing sabotage.


Prisoner transport trains will be derailed. Armories will be set ablaze. Guards at supply depots will fear the darkness. We exist in that darkness. We set the fires and disrupt the supply lines. The Resistance Division demands a high-level of stealth capability sprinkled with brief moments of efficient, face-to-face brutality. It’s not the division for everyone but, we’re always in need of new members. Are you one of them?


A completely leveled-up Resistance Division member possesses a unique skill set specifically to aid the tasks detailed above. Here’s what you’ll have in your arsenal to cripple the enemy from the shadows. 



Level I: Pistol Tactical Knife

Sneaking past tightly guarded areas and structures requires quick decisions and quick strikes. Firing your weapon any time you see an enemy isn’t the best option while trying to run quiet. That’s why all Resistance Division members get a Tactical Knife to go with their sidearm. The butt of your gun requires multiple strikes to down an enemy. This knife makes for a quick, one-hit melee kill while your pistol is still at the ready. In close-quarters combat, it’s a lethal combination.



Level II: Scramble Nearby Enemy Mini-maps


The Pistol Tactical Knife is all you’ll need when you get close to an enemy. But, how can you do that without alerting them to your presence? Level II Resistance Division soldiers don’t have that problem. Once you’re within proximity of a hostile their mini-map gets scrambled. This frees you up to sneak around and leave your enemies wondering, not only where you went but, what the hell happened to their mini-map. Whether your aim is to sneak by or go in for the kill, one thing’s for sure: they’ll never see you coming. 


Level III: Additional Pistol Attachment & Swap Weapons Faster

Once you reach Level III in the Resistance Division, your pistol allows for an additional attachment. However you choose to modify it, you’re now just as deadly in a broader range of hostile engagements. And, if that Pistol Tactical Knife doesn’t seem right in the moment, you’ll swap weapons faster than anybody else. This gives you an enviable array of combat options from which to choose. Sometimes the nature of a fight can change in an instant. With the Resistance, you’ll be prepared. 


Level IV: Mini-map Indicator in the Direction of Close Hostiles

Sure, your enemy’s mini-map goes out when you get close. But, you still need to find your enemy, right? Level IV takes care of that for you. Once you’re within range, you’ll see a sensor indicating which direction your enemy is from you. That’s correct. They can’t see you but you can see exactly where they’re coming from. No need to sprint out into dangerous, open areas. Just keep an eye on your mini-map and let your Division skill work for you.  


We exist as a reaction to injustice. Our fight is for freedom and it’s the most worthwhile fight of our lives. Join the Resistance.

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