Pro Tips – Overload

Pro Tips – Overload

The night’s alive in New Baghdad, with a grand downtown view including medium to long-ranged combat across multiple levels indoors and out. Powered plasma lamps light up the district with electrifying possibilities, and the right timing can change the course of a match. Overload is a new multiplayer map from the Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Reckoning DLC Pack, available now on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation®Network, and PC.



Light Up the Night


Plasma lamps scattered around the map offer more than just pretty lighting. Halfway through the match, the lamps start charging. Shooting a fully charged lamp blasts nearby enemies, including yourself if you’re too close, so keep your distance. It’s a blessing if you mindfully track their locations and charge state, and a curse if you don’t.


Lamps near objectives are particularly important, whether attacking or defending. On the attack, note charged lamps near the objective and try to force defenders to its radius. Grenades really come in handy here, but most importantly, shoot the light as soon as the enemy’s in range. On defense, shoot charged lamps close to your position to temporarily deactivate them.


Target Acquired


Overload features much open space with medium to long-ranged sight lines. Consider attachments like the Target Enhancer and Advanced Rifling for greater efficiency at range. Match your weapon to the area you’re covering and adjust between different loadout options as needed to best approach any given situation. Defensively, Cold-Blooded is a strong Perk 2 choice, oftentimes giving you the split second needed to gain an advantage over distant enemies.


Helping Hand


In objective modes, the Remote Turret with the Sentry module offers valuable suppressive fire that can help you lock down bigger spaces with ease. Position away from the sentry to establish crossfire and use cover for added protection. Other strong choices include the Missile Strike and Bombing Run due to Overload’s lack of overhead cover along the perimeter.


Supply Drop Incoming


Starting August 25th, three new weapons and a new set of Royalty Weapon Variants will become available for Xbox One* users through both Supply Drops and Advanced Supply Drops. Of the new weapons, the M16 offers the greatest long-ranged punch, and each of the new Royalty variants features extended range just beyond the reach of the Elite variant the weapon is based on. This makes them prime candidates for Overload.


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