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The Prestige Primer Episode 15: How to Complete Season Two’s First 10 Zombies Season Challenges

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Your journey to being a Zombies Master in Season Two begins here. From “Contraband” to “Close and Personal,” read our tips for the first 10 Season Challenges.

  • 巔峰指南
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The Prestige Primer Episode 15: How to Complete Season Two’s First 10 Zombies Season Challenges

  • BOCW

Your journey to being a Zombies Master in Season Two begins here. From “Contraband” to “Close and Personal,” read our tips for the first 10 Season Challenges.

  • 巔峰指南
  • 第2季

With Warzone™ currently under a zombie infestation that seems to be spreading, we’re all-in on dealing with the undead across Call of Duty®.

Case in point: we’ve spent so much time in Outbreak in Season Two of Black Ops Cold War already that we’re well into our Season Challenges in just a few hours of gameplay, and in this Prestige Primer, we’re ready to share our tips for completing the first half of these objectives.

Requiem needs us back in the field ASAP, so there’s no time to waste.

Let’s level up:

This Week’s Featured Operator

Stitch is back in style with the “Gilded Age III: Pro Pack” bundle, which came out this past week in the Warzone and Black Ops Cold War Store.

In addition to two Weapon Blueprints – one of which we highlight as our Blueprint of the Week – and other items in this bundle, this new Pro Pack comes with the Legendary “Carbon Sentinel” skin for Stitch. This outfits the deadly Perseus agent in a sleek gold-trimmed attire, sure to turn heads in the lobby before you ultimately let them roll.

Top Tip – Season Two Zombies Season Challenges – Zombies Part One

Just like in Season One, the Prestige Primer will detail the Season Challenges within Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, starting with the first ten objectives for Zombies.

On top of being milestones for seasonal mastery and a gold mine for awesome new Calling Cards, these objectives come with a ton of XP that can help you immensely on the road to Prestige Master.

Here’s what you’ll need to do for the first 10 Season Two Zombies Season Challenges, and the XP rewards you get for completing each one.

Contraband (Level 1) – Purchase Wonder Weapon ammo 10 times – 2,500 XP

This is a test of Essence management.

After getting a Wonder Weapon, whether it’s through an Easter Egg on a round-based map, a Legendary Trial Reward in Outbreak, or the Mystery Box, save up at least 10,000 Essence and head to an ammo station marked by a set of bullets on your mini-map.

You’ll most likely get multiple ammo purchases done in high-round games or through multiple Outbreak objectives, so aim for more quality matches rather than numerous low-round matches in a row.

Strategic Operations (Level 10) – Capture 25 Aether Reactors in Firebase Z (Three Tiers) – 8,500 XP (Total)

A key step for unlocking Pack-a-Punch, you can complete this challenge quickly through two methods:

The first is finishing your matches as soon as you get all three Aether Reactors up and running, which requires a minimum of nine individual “Firebase Z” matches. The second is to allow zombies to break the Aether Reactors during Assault Rounds, then recapture them afterward.

Our advice? Do this naturally while completing other objectives, then circle back if you’re missing a few reactors.

Overheating (Level 20) – Get 250 kills with the Death Machine (Five Tiers) – 15,000 XP Total

Bring in a starting weapon with a Body attachment that boosts Salvage Drop rate, such as a Tiger Team Spotlight, and scavenge at least 100 Rare Salvage to craft a Death Machine.

To get the most out of it, try using it when there is a high concentration of zombies, such as during Assault Rounds in “Firebase Z” or during an objective within Outbreak.

Hide and Seek (Level 30) – Force 10 Mimics to reveal themselves by shooting their hidden form (Three Tiers) – 8,500 XP Total

If you’re like us, you probably have had a few Mimic scares from fake items, so this objective should be your chance at sweet revenge.

Along with shooting every weirdly-placed loot cache or high-value drop, you can also use the Ping system to know if that awesome loot is actually a Mimic’s hidden form. If your ping goes through the item and doesn’t mark it as what it seems to be, it’s probably a Mimic in disguise.

Disarmed (Level 40) – Destroy 10 Mangler arm cannons – 5,000 XP

Found on the right arm of every Mangler, the arm cannon is this Special zombie’s weak point. While it charges up for its ranged attack, focus your fire onto this cannon to destroy it.

Field of Fire (Level 50) – Kill 25 enemies that are on fire from a Hellhound’s explosion – 5,000 XP

We completed this objective easily through natural gameplay, but those struggling to lead zombies through the Hellhound’s fiery aftermath may want to lure one of these beasts through a tight corridor. That way, the mob behind it will have to walk through the fire to get a swipe at you.

Bigger Brother (Level 60) – Get 1,500 Eliminations using the RAI K-84 (Five Tiers) – 15,000 XP (Total)

“Firebase Z” is your best bet for this objective, as it’s the most reliable experience in terms of earning the RAI K-84.

We won’t spoil how you can get this Wonder Weapon outside of the Mystery Box or Trials, but veteran community members will know how to get this awesome prototype energy rifle through a few simple steps.

Fire Discipline (Level 70) – Rapidly kill 3 or more enemies with an Artillery strike 10 times (Three Tiers) – 8,500 XP (Total)

Given that Artillery costs 100 Rare Salvage to craft, it’s best to use the Tiger Team Spotlight or other Salvage Drop boosting attachment to finish this objective faster.

You may also want to play “Firebase Z,” which offers a free Artillery and the ability to purchase them for 8,000 Essence each during Assault Rounds at a specific Defense location.

Otherwise, Outbreak can be a great place to drop an Artillery on groups of wandering hordes.

Who’s Who? (Level 80) – Revive yourself using Tombstone Soda 10 times (Three Tiers) – 8,500 XP (Total)

An objective based around Tombstone Soda’s main benefit, you could theoretically buy this Perk, immediately down yourself during the end of a round with little opposition, and go for an easy revive. However, you’ll most likely complete this objective naturally while playing Zombies as long as you’re making use of the game’s newest Perk.

Close and Personal (Level 90) – Kill 10 Manglers using a melee attack (Three Tiers) – 8,500 XP (Total)

Manglers are not the type of undead creature you want to spend too much time with in “Close and Personal” spaces.

Technically, all that matters for this challenge is that the Mangler is destroyed with a melee attack. Try damaging it with a regular weapon until it only has a sliver of health left, then rush in for a final blow.

Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week

While chasing Season Challenges in Zombies, we found ourselves gravitating toward one of the weapons within the new “Gilded Age III: Pro Pack.” Although the “Carbon Steel” assault rifle became our bread-and-butter in Warzone, the “Carbon Composite” LMG is our Gunsmith Blueprint of the Week for being our go-to weapon in Black Ops Cold War.

Not only does this Blueprint look Legendary – that black-and-gold trim is incredibly clean – its included attachments are solid. Namely for Zombies, the GRU Suppressor significantly amps up the Equipment Drop Rate, saving us Salvage in the long run, while the Barrel attachment gives us increased armor damage for shredding through Armored and Heavy zombies.

With a Tier III LMG Weapon Skill, we used the additional three attachments to slap on a massive extended mag for more ammunition and Tiger Team Spotlight for a huge Salvage Drop Rate bonus, creating a formidable all-around force in Outbreak and traditional round-based modes.

Execute the mission.

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