Blackout Cheat Sheet

Need some help? Step your game up with this handy compilation of Blackout tips.

Blackout Cheat Sheet

Need some help? Step your game up with this handy compilation of Blackout tips.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4’s all-new Blackout throws down quite a challenge. It tests you in unique ways a Multiplayer match of Team Deathmatch or Domination never would. We understand outlasting a whole lot of enemies on the biggest map in Call of Duty® history with whatever weapon you happen to find lying on the ground isn’t an easy ask. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips and videos to help you out.

To travel farther and faster upon leaving the transport, immediately angle yourself straight down until you gain speed then, level yourself out so you’re parallel to the ground. You’ll easily be able to avoid or land directly next to enemies as you see fit.|
Drop into an isolated, unmarked area if you prefer some time to loot without worrying about dying right away.

  • Backpacks double the number of items you can carry. If you plan on sticking around for a while, they’re must-haves.
  • Perks are useful and last for a relatively long time. Early on, consider Looter which shows you where to find things through walls or Outlander which makes you faster and less vulnerable to damage if you find yourself outside the combat circle.
  • Health (First Aid, Med Kits & Trauma Kits) is crucial for survival. Always remember to heal up after taking damage.
  • Make use of both of your weapon slots with variety to prepare you for any sort of engagement. Think SMGs and Shotguns for short-range and a scoped Rifle or LMG for long-range.
  • You can never have enough ammo. Pick it up. All of it.
  •  If you know somebody is in a room, Concussion grenades are a perfect way to give yourself an edge when you confront them.
  • The Grapple Gun can take you places you couldn’t otherwise reach, or it can just take you where you’re going a lot more quickly.
  • Supply Crates usually contain some of the best loot. You know what else drops great loot? Dead zombies.
  • If you’re inside the combat circle, utilize elevated positions in upper floors and on roofs to watch for incoming opponents.
  • Vehicles are a great way to get someplace quickly. But, they’re also loud so, enemies will know you’re coming.
  • In Duos & Quads, constantly communicate with your teammate(s). Call out what you’re seeing, where you’re going and, if you’ve got extra loot, what you can spare. Utilize your compass HUD for more accurate callouts and directions.
  • If you can’t find a building for cover, shaded areas are a fine alternative. Do whatever you can to avoid being exposed out in the open.
  • To avoid walking into a dangerous area unexpectedly, utilize a weapon with a scope and do a little recon first.
  • Speaking of recon, take the Recon Car for a spin for maximum intel-gathering. You’ll get a visual feed that lets you see whatever the car can see. Enemies camped in a house? Know exactly where they're hiding and plan your assault accordingly.
  • Watch out for open doors or broken windows. They didn’t spawn that way, somebody did that, which is useful information.
  • You often have the option to engage or disengage an enemy. If you like your odds, get in there and take care of business. If not, drop a Smoke Grenade to disappear and live to fight another day.

We could tip you to death with these but, the best tip we can give is this: just play. The more Blackout matches you’ve got under your belt, the better you’ll understand what works for you and what doesn’t. So, if you want to learn more? Check out our post on Blackout Decision Points on the Call of Duty Blog. If you want to get experience, drop into a match and put in some work.

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