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How to Complete Season Three’s First 10 Zombies Season Challenges

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From zombie punching to Brain Rot, this is your guide to the first 10 Season Challenges for Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Plus: an exclusive look at a new Store bundle featuring a devilishly good Reactive Weapon Blueprint

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How to Complete Season Three’s First 10 Zombies Season Challenges

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From zombie punching to Brain Rot, this is your guide to the first 10 Season Challenges for Black Ops Cold War Zombies. Plus: an exclusive look at a new Store bundle featuring a devilishly good Reactive Weapon Blueprint

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Bullet Points:


- Featured Operators

- Top Tip — 10 Zombies Season Challenge Tips

- Gunsmith Weapon Blueprint of the Week



We’re just over two weeks into Season Three, and after a Double XP Weekend at the season’s launch and some Double XP Tokens from the Battle Pass, we’re well on our way to Prestige Master. If you’ve gained plenty of XP by exploring Verdansk and all the other new content in Call of Duty: Warzone™ and Black Ops Cold War, you’re likely to have more than a few Season Challenges available.


To help you out, here are some gameplay tips specifically tailored toward those XP gold mines, starting with the first 10 objectives for Zombies.


This Week’s Featured Operators

A brutish man-mountain has arrived: Knight is our featured Operator for the week.


If you haven’t picked him and his Legendary “Bird of Prey” Finishing Move up yet, his bundle is available in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store now.


Joining Knight is our official Call of Duty League Operator, who appears twice, as the League had both the Paris Legion and the London Royal Ravens hosting Home Series Weekends during the start of Season Three. The Legion and Royal Ravens both have important games this weekend during the Dallas Empire Home Series, which may determine seeding for the upcoming Stage III Major.

You can pick up the Paris Legion and London Royal Ravens uniforms — or the uniforms for the other 10 teams — for the official Call of Duty League Operator in the Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Store.


Be sure to grab your Team Packs in time for the Stage III Major or for when you watch the Dallas Empire Home Series this weekend! You can watch all the action here starting at noon (PT) every day until Sunday on the League’s official YouTube channel.

Top Tip — First 10 Season Three Zombies Season Challenges

It’s time to become a Zombies Master for Season Three.


The latest set of Season Challenges for Zombies adds several fresh objectives into the mix, including some that require high-tier Skill upgrades.


Before beginning your mission, be sure you either have enough Aetherium Crystals (available from just playing the game) to spend on upgrading the required Skills if you haven’t made these upgrades already:

- Brain Rot Ammo Mod: Tier V (6 Raw Aetherium, 4 Refined Aetherium, 5 Flawless Aetherium)

- Elemental Pop Perk: Tier V (6 Raw Aetherium, 4 Refined Aetherium, 5 Flawless Aetherium)

- Frenzied Guard Field Upgrade: Tier III (6 Raw Aetherium)

- Pistols Weapon Skill: Tier III or higher recommended

- Sniper Rifles Weapon Skill: Tier III or higher recommended


Tips for your first 10 Season Challenges:


Flock of Birds (Level 1): Earn 50 kills with the Chopper Gunner at any Exfil site — 2,500 XP

This is a simple challenge, achieved by building a Chopper Gunner for 150 Rare Salvage, then activating it once you get to the Exfil site.

If you have yet to complete all the Season Two Zombies challenges, then this one will have some overlap with that set’s Chopper Gunner kills challenge.

Don’t Look Back (Level 10): In Outbreak, kill 25 enemies with vehicle explosions — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

This challenge involves destroying your ride in a region of the Ural Mountains and picking fights with roaming hordes.

It may be best to shoot your own vehicle when it reaches critical damage, then attract nearby zombies to the vehicle using a Decoy Grenade.


Gun Show (Level 20): Kill 100 enemies with your fists — 6,000 XP (Three Tiers)

Fists are available as your secondary weapon when you have only one weapon (your starting loadout) in your inventory.

Your dukes are the most useful during the first objective of Outbreak, or in the first few rounds of a traditional Zombies match. After that, you may want to soften up the undead with some bullets or explosives before dealing that fatal knockout punch. Otherwise, be prepared to hit some combos on these heartier undead soldiers.


Hard Day’s Work (Level 30): In Outbreak, complete 5 Objectives and exfil successfully — 5,000 XP

Surviving five Objectives is no easy task in Outbreak; you’d better be prepared with Pack-a-Punched weapons, several Perks, and plenty of Equipment or Support at the ready.

It also may come down to what you do outside of the main Objectives. Explore your Outbreak regions for World Events — some may be marked on your Tac Map — and Supply Caches that could give you extra Essence and other items to boost your chances of survival.

Two is Better Than One (Level 40): Get 500 Eliminations using a weapon with a dual-wield attachment — 15,000 XP (Five Tiers)

Pistols are the main dual-wielding weapon class, so take your favorite maxed-out pistol, equip the Dual Wield Stock attachment, and go to town in close quarters.


Lorde of the Horde (Level 50): Have 3 brain-rotted enemies under your control at once — 2,500 XP

This challenge is easier to complete when your Brain Rot Ammo Mod Skill is at Tier V, as it allows a brain-rotted zombie to turn three additional zombies after it explodes.

Basically, this challenge shows off Brain Rot at its most effective. Do your best to get one zombie rotted within a horde and keep them all alive to ensure the maximum number of undead get hit in the aftermath.


Electric Cherry Pop (Level 60): Stun 25 enemies by reloading with the Tier V Elemental Pop Perk — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

An ode to the vintage Electric Cherry Soda, this challenge can be simple with proper planning and nerves of steel.

First, take a weapon with a low magazine count, such as a Special weapon or sniper rifle, as it will activate this stun feature often and at its most powerful levels. Then focus on being in large hordes when reloading, taking advantage of the stun period to finish off the undead however you see fit.

Immovable Object (Level 70): In Outbreak, kill 5 Special or Elite enemies by running them over with vehicles — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

This is easier to do with friends, but still possible as a solo player.

Your goal is to weaken these powerful enemies and then finish them off with the vehicle, rather than relying on the vehicle to provide the sole source of damage. So, either your co-pilot deals some hefty damage to them or you soften them up before going for the elimination.


Hedgehog’s Dilemma (Level 80): Kill 50 enemies that hit you while Frenzied Guard Tier III is active — 8,500 XP (Three Tiers)

Introduced in Season Two, Frenzied Guard forces all enemies to target you for 10 seconds, while diverting any damage taken during this time to your Armor. The Tier III upgrade causes normal enemies to explode after hitting you, making it fairly simple to get 50 kills.

Simply activate this when several enemies are nearby and let them attack. Just remember to start shooting if your Armor fully depletes, lest the horde bring you down.


Deadeye (Level 90): Get 500 Eliminations with Sniper Rifles — 15,000 XP (Five Tiers)

Still need to level up the Swiss K31 this season? Bring it into Zombies and knock out this challenge, which will take some time.

It can take longer than you think to achieve 500 Eliminations, so take this time to complete other challenges in addition to this one.



Gunsmith Weapon Blueprint of the Week

Presenting the “Angels & Demons Anime Reactive” bundle, featuring the “Cursed Angel” Reactive Weapon Blueprint, set to go live on May 9.

The previous image gives just a taste of how amazing this Reactive Weapon Blueprint looks; you’ll just have to see for yourself after earning 12 kills in Multiplayer or Warzone, or after getting 200 kills in Zombies.


That’s not the only weapon included in this bundle, as for every Fallen Angel, there is a Legendary “Divine Blossom” ready to smite your enemies from on high.

This configuration is phenomenal for aggressive sniping, as the Tiger Team Barrel significantly boosts Damage and Fire Rate, the Airborne Elastic Wrap has the best Aim Down Sight (ADS) speed reduction out of all Handles, and the CQB Pad gives great Sprint to Fire buffs.


While this configuration is excellent, we want to highlight a hidden gem of an attachment for this weapon for you to consider: the 21.8” Cavalry Lancer Barrel.

With this Barrel attachment, this semi-automatic sniper rifle’s damage to vehicles increases five-fold, making it deal over 800 damage per hit (at the time of this writing) against vehicles or Scorestreaks.


This makes the weapon highly effective in an “anti-Scorestreak” loadout, one we always recommend elite Operators have in one of their 10 slots. Pair this with a Launcher and the Engineer Perk, and you might become the squad’s saintly savior against powerful offensive and support Scorestreaks, such as the Attack Helicopter, H.A.R.P., or even the small, yet valuable, Spy Planes and Counter Spy Planes.


Again, the “Divine Blossom” is an incredible Weapon Blueprint to have as a main sniper configuration and is just one part of the awesome “Angels & Demons Anime Reactive” bundle coming out on May 9.


Execute the mission.

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