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Warzone Wednesday, May 12 — Five Tips and a Tour of the Lumber Yard

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Back to the map, Operators. This week we’re discussing Lumber Yard, courtesy of the Official Warzone™ Strategy Guide. Read on for tips and intel.

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Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

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Warzone Wednesday, May 12 — Five Tips and a Tour of the Lumber Yard

  • WZ

Back to the map, Operators. This week we’re discussing Lumber Yard, courtesy of the Official Warzone™ Strategy Guide. Read on for tips and intel.

  • 시즌 3
Call of Duty Warzone 2.0

플랫폼을 선택하여 디지털 스토어를 열고 콜 오브 듀티®: 워존TM 의 무료 디지털 사본을 다운로드하십시오.


·       Let’s Drop In

·       POI of the Week: Gorengard Lumber Yard

·       Top Five Tips

·       Need More Intel?


It’s Warzone Wednesday—Let’s Drop In


Welcome to the Warzone.


Every Wednesday is Warzone Wednesday here on the Call of Duty blog. This weekly column — and, by extension, the Official Warzone Strategy Guide — will help you become one of the most elite Operators in the world.


The strategy guide is fully updated for Verdansk, and to help you digest its 230,000+ words of wisdom, we’re breaking down a fresh Point of Interest each week and providing five tips straight from the guide. We’ll keep you informed of future Warzone updates, too.


Let’s get to it. Here’s Warzone Wednesday Week 3:

Point of Interest of the Week: Gorengard Lumber Yard


Right on the eastern edge of Verdansk, the Gorengard Lumber Yard is a sprawling industrial complex of loot-filled warehouses, mills, factories, and administration offices. The labyrinthine yard sits just east of Stadium and north of Krovnik Farmland.


Squads looking to gear up in the early game will be richly rewarded by dropping here, provided they don’t get lost in the maze and overtaken by an enemy team. But that’s not your style.


With the Lumber Yard’s many structures and interlocking pathways, it’s imperative to have a good handle on the layout, ensuring that you are the hunter and not the hunted. Let’s break down the central yard in detail:

Lumber Yard Overview—Φ/Λ: H/5 (East): The expansive central yard within the reinforced perimeter wood fencing has a number of areas you can use as cover. It is by the main Lumber Warehouses to the north and east, a bridge and shallow gulley to the south, and a main entrance and gulley close to the train station, to the west.

Lumber Yard Southwest Entrance: The main yard entrance is under the red sign, which is located on the perimeter concrete wall in the southwest corner of the complex. Access it from the nearby train station and use the gulley and perimeter fence as cover if you wish to move with more stealth.

Lumber Yard South Bridge Entrance: A small metal and concrete bridge allows you to drive across into the yard from the south (with the trail leading away into Krovnik Farmland). The bridge can be laced with explosives, and you can hide under it. Use the gulley (once a stream) to maneuver around the edge of the complex, before making a more clandestine infiltration of the yard or warehouses.

Lumber Yard West Yard Structures: The western side of the yard is no less cluttered, with four small buildings to hide near once you’ve moved through the gap in the perimeter fencing. Move around the stacks of wooden planking: There is a transformer cage (inaccessible), a small brick hut (inaccessible), a shed (accessible), and an administration booth (accessed via the ramped door or the windows). There’s always a place to take cover!

Lumber Yard Stakes and Plywood Stacks (Center): Down the center of the yard are dozens of piles of stakes and plywood, creating an impressive and climbable maze. This offers you a multitude of cover options, especially as you cross the yard. Use the parked trucks and forklifts as additional cover opportunities.


And that’s just the yard’s basic exterior layout, not to mention its many interior areas and other Points of Interest like the Lumber Factory, Terminus Building, and Rail Bridge. Get every detail in the full Official Warzone Strategy Guide.

Top Five Tips of the Week:


In this week’s Warzone Wednesday, we’re focused on keeping you alive. Gets tips on the risks and rewards of different deployment zones, as well as dropping as a team, upping your defensive game, and surviving the Lumber Yard.

Tip #112 — Drop Location Risk and Reward


Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Tac Map General Locations


The more built-up areas of Verdansk usually have more items and see increased Operator traffic and infiltrations compared to drop zones with natural features and few structures. When dropping in, consider the risk of landing in high-profile areas and if it’s worth the reward of finding more items.

Tip #025 — A Squad that Lands Together, Survives Together


Pre-Game Preparation / Play


In team-based modes, communicating with your squad should start long before you hit the ground. Sync up in the in-game lobby or on the infil plane regarding where everyone wants to drop… and make sure you tell everyone when you’re leaving the plane! 

Tip #140 — Means of Defense


Infil: Tactics in the Warzone / Inventory


The Deployable Shield and Trophy System are two excellent Field Upgrades for protecting squadmates from bullets and non-bullet projectiles, respectively. These may be especially helpful when trying to revive a downed teammate; throw one down, and you may buy yourself enough time for the revive.

Tip #276 — A Good Perspective from the Promontory

Tac Map: Atlas / Verdansk: East / Gorengard Lumber Yard


About to head into the Lumber Yard? It may be wise to send one of your squadmates up onto the Rock Promontory, which has fantastic views over the north part of Lumber Yard.

Tip #278 — Warehouse Network

Tac Map: Atlas / Verdansk: East / Gorengard Lumber Yard


The trio of Lumber Yard Warehouses can be filled with items but can be tricky to navigate. If you get lost, remember where the main open bridge is — toward the east — and make your way over there.


Need More Intel? Visit the Official Warzone Strategy Guide to get a detailed look at 300+ Tips, over 400 Points of Interest, and everything you need to step up your gameplay and be fully prepared for Warzone.


We’ll see you online.

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